BendPak HD-9 Car Lifts: Bendpak’s Prized Creation

We’ve spent quite some time now preaching the benefits of two post lifts and how they’re perfect for servicing a wide array of vehicles. But what about four post lifts? What do they bring to the table that make technicians and do-it-yourself enthusiasts jobs a lot easier?

Multiple four post lifts like the Bendpak HD-9, for instance are found in shops all over the world and are known for their lifting capacity and ability to save you a ton of space at your shop but why choose Bendpak HD-9 over the competition? Let’s find out.

Bendpak HD-9 Four Post Lift, Design

Bendpak is one of the biggest names in the game so they know what shop owners and enthusiasts are looking for in their lifts. That is why after seeing what the competition offers, Bendpak decided to improve their HD-9 series by adding space-saving design.

Bendpak designed their HD-9 series wanting these lifts to be the size of your average parking slot at your local mart. Not only that, but for many enthusiasts, space is not the only hinderance, height can also play a key role. So what did Bendpak do for shops and home garages? Well, they made a powerful and ergonomic lift that leaves a smaller footprint than competing hoists. More space equals more money, both at your garage and your shop.

HD-9 Series Lifting Power

The average weight of a commercial vehicle, light pick-up truck and small SUV is 5,000 lbs which means a lift with capacity for 9,000 lbs will be more than enough for your average vehicle. So all but super-duty trucks can be hoisted by the HD-9 by Bendpak giving techs the comfort in knowing the majority of business that rolls in, can be easily serviced.


A lot of you are probably thinking 9,000 lbs might be too much and a possibly unnecessary investment considering a lift with a capacity of 7,000 lbs may also work just as well for the types of vehicles you service. This might be true but considering that the difference in prices between a Bendpak HD-7 and a Bendpak HD-9 is insignificant, why not spend a couple extra hundred dollars and have the possibility to not say no to a slightly bigger vehicle that a 7,000 lb lift might not do?


The Bendpak HD-9 comes equipped with a ton of features like:

  1. Multi-level locking - A simple push-button pneumatic safety lock control releases all four safety locks at the same time. It has multiple adjustable height locking positions for variable height parking.

  2. Electric Hydraulic Power System - Dependability is key which is why the HD-9 features a maintenance-free electric hydraulic system with all buttons strategically located within reach.

  3. Dependable Design - Aesthetics shouldn’t be an issue when browsing for a lift because design shouldn’t be as important as quality, price and warranty but if you’re comparing two very similar lifts one of which is the HD-9, keep in mind that this lifts’ 4 heavy-duty, high-quality lifting cables and single hydraulic cylinder, mounted underneath the runway, makes this lift the most durable, maintenance-free lifting system on the market.


The 9,000 lifting capacity on Bendpak’s HD-9 series might be the standard in the series but that’s not to say there isn’t variety within the group. The HD-9 series has within its arsenal the standard rise HD-9. The HD-9ST (the narrower model), the HD-9STX (Tall and narrow model) and the HD-9XW is the standard-width, tall model.

9,000 lbs. 200" 110-1/4" 88" 70"
HD-9ST 9,000 lbs. 200" 99-3/4" 88" 70"
HD-9STX 9,000 lbs. 224" 99-3/4" 100" 82"
9,000 lbs. 224" 110-1/4" 100" 82"
HD-9SW 9,000 lbs. 200" 202" 88" 70"
 9,000 lbs. 224" 110-1/4" 88" 70"
HD-9SWX 9,000 lbs. 224" 202" 100" 82"


We offer countless 4-post lifts from multiple manufacturers but if you’re looking for a great lift for a limited sized space, lifting power and coming from a big name in the industry, one can’t help but glance over to Bendpak and give their HD-9 a second look. Oh yeah, and our prices when it comes to Bendpak are the most competitive in the industry. At $2,895.00, the HD-9 is always a contender when it comes to best 4-post lifts. 

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