Car Lifts for Sale

Car Lift for sale - Automotive lifts for sale

Here at JMC Automotive Equipment we have the best car lifts for sale you can find. We understand the type of automotive lifts that you are looking for. We know that you need a reliable car lift that will last for years to come in your garage and can provide you with safety for both you and your family. That is why we only represent car lift manufacturers that have been certified by the, who have approved the design, construction, installation, inspection and the use of these car lifts. As distributors of products such as car lifts; our company is very vigilant in quality control. We are driven by the need for constant improvement and believe that it is crucial to be steps ahead from the competition in both customer service and choosing the right product for our loyal clients. To be better is not just an end goal for us; we aim to be the best and with this goal in mind, we propel not only our company but our clients as well, always going that extra mile for them. Car lifts are part of the ensemble of quality products that we offer to the market. These heavy machines have undergone detailed inspection and invested into these machines, are years of crude workmanship and creative innovation. We make sure that the brands lined up are the best in the industry and are highly equipped to service what our clients are looking for. We have pride in our strong partnerships with top of the line manufacturers in this industry.

We only supply car lifts from the most reputable brands in the industry. These include Titan, Challenger, and a wide selection of BendPak car lifts for sale to name a few.

Are you looking to hire a challenger auto lift or require BendPak lift installation? We have your car lift needs. Be sure to check out the rest of our website to discover other pieces of equipment that can benefit your project.

Bendpak Lifts

Bendpak Car Lifts have been around for decades now, they are one of the most popular car lifts in the market now appearing in all the car shows in the History channel and have gained the trust of every mechanic in the country. They always deliver with the best equipment and are know for their high level engineering of car lifts. All Bendpak Car lifts are ALI certified by the Auto Lift Institute and always keep up with their certification every year with them making them the backbone lifts of the automotive industry. 

Challenger Lifts

Another one of the best car lifts in the country are Challenger Lifts. These lifts were made to last. They are know for raising industry standards and to meet the needs of all of their clients. Always dedicated to innovation, they have made important technological advances and have coined the phrase Versymmetric Design and Direct Spot Technology. They carry all types of automotive solutions that range from 6,000 lbs to 148,000 lbs. So if you are interested in having quality design, then Challenger Lifts is the way to go. 

JMC Equipment Lifts

Now, to our very own, JMC Equipment Lifts. We are extremely proud of our lifts. We have been working with these lifts for the past couple of years to bring you highest quality lifts at the most affordable prices. Our lifts represent years of hard work and innovation and we are proud to finally carry our very own car lifts. If you are looking for quality car lifts at the best prices then these are your lifts. 

Titan Lifts

We want to welcome one of our newest additions to our portfolio of car lifts, The Titan Lift. Titan Lifts have proven to be one of our most popular entry level car lifts in our corner and loved by many of our clients. They carry 2 Post cat, 4 Post Car Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Motorcycle Lifts and more. If you are looking for a great entry level car lift at affordable prcies, give us a call and we will set you up with our rock star Titan Lifts. 

Backyard Buddy Lifts 

Now we come to our all American Lifts, the Backyard Buddy Lift. Backyard Buddy is 100% American Lift and is designed with the customer in mind. They offer the best design and highest quality lift. If you are looking for one of the only 100% American Made Car lift, call us up and we will set you up with the best car lift in the market.