Tire Changers for Sale

Tire Changer for Sale


Why should you consider buying a tire-changing machine?Tire changers are one of the most fundamental pieces of equipment any shop or garage owner can have and there are many attributes that you may need to consider when shopping for one. Roller or shovel-type bead separators, integrated tire inflation systems, air surge pulse for faster inflation speed and improved bead seating, low speed drive systems with increased torque for servicing tough combinations, and last but not least, leverless mounting/demounting. These are just specifications that may come with the tire changer but you must first keep in mind the type of vehicle that will be serviced.  All of these added bells and whistles may come at an elevated cost so it is important to remember what is best for your shop/garage and your wallet.

 JMC carries the best tire changers from the industry’s biggest names which include Hofmann, Corghi, Ranger, Cemb and many more. We pride ourselves in our more than 50 different tire changers. So when you want quality, and variety at reasonable prices, look no further than JMC Automotive Equipment. You’ll find the right car tire changer machine that improves productivity in your service area.

 If you’re in need of a tire changer but don’t know which one you need, be sure to check out our Buyer's Guide to Tire Changers or contact us at 800-562-4791 directly to learn more. 

Different types of Tire Changers 

Swing Arm Tire Changers

 JMC Automotive Equipment boasts high-quality tire changing equipment for sale. Their swing arm tire changers are great for auto repair shops that are just starting out and need something economical and at the same time durable and convenient. Usually, here at JMC Equipment, we recommend a swing arm tire changer if you are just starting out because the price range is a bit lower than its counter part the tilt back tire changer. However, due to the components of this item, you will have to adjust the size of the head assembly every time a different size tire comes into the shop. But if you constantly have the same tire size come in to the shop every time, then this is the perfect tire changer because you don't have to adjust and all you have to do is just put the tire on the turn table and let the machine (and the tech) do the magic.  

 One of the shops that we currently work with have 5 different tire changers, 4 of them are tilt back and one of them are swing arm tire changer. The 4 tilt backs are used for various size tires but the one swing arm tire changer is strictly used for 18 inch wheels. The techs at that shop have everything measure that way all they have to do is put the tire there and work their skills to take the tire out.

 Like we said, the swing arm tire changer is perfect for shops that are just starting out and also if you have a professional service shop but you are doing the same tire size every time. If you have any more questions about the swing arm tire changer give us a call at 800-562-4791.

Tilt Back Tire Changer

Now we come to the workhorse of the auto repair shop. The Tilt Back Tire Changer. This is a powerful tool that is used in high performance shops that have cars come in and out on an hourly basis. It is a fast, convenient and safe tire changer that you will be able to use for years to come. This tire changer will prevent you from damaging your customer's tire and will also do it in a fast and effortless way. 

Most shops that have been around for a while, prefer to use this machine because the head is easy to adjust with the different size tires that come into your shop and once you are done, it will go back and away from the tire by only pressing a button given the tech more space to maneuver and take the tire out without damaging the tire. 

So if you are looking for a good, convenient, durable and safe tire changer, the tilt back is the way to go. The price is a bit higher than most but it will pay for itself after only the first month of using, especially if you have the traffic for it. 

Leverless Tire Changer

These are the fancy tire changers that is on everyone's wish list. These are pretty much risk free and these are mostly used for higher end wheel that you really don't want to be scratching or damaging because the tire is worth more than the job that you are doing. These are a bit more complicated to use in a shop and takes a little more of a learning curve to learn. So our suggestion is have just one guy in your shop become the specialist for this tire changer. This will allow you to use the tire changer for a long time and also to keep your customer's tires safe and sound so they always keep coming back to you. 

These are the three type of tire changers that JMC Equipment carries, if you need more assistance with tire changers for sale for your shop, feel free to give us a call at 800-562-4791. Thanks!

CEMB Tire Changers

CEMB constantly updates their products so to keep up with the industry's changes and demands. They have nothing but state of the art tire changers. A section of their product line is even specialized for heavy duty tire changers. The technology is robust and very adaptable to heavy weight tires. Changing heavy duty tires could have never been easier when using the CM27T. It is a universal tire changer for truck and bus wheels. This tire changer is powered by an electro hydraulic system through a two speed hydraulic pump motor. The CM27T surely gets the heavy work done in no time.

Ranger Tire Changers

Ranger Tire Changers sets themselves apart with their manufacturing excellence as represented by their automotive products. The Ranger brand, being one of our top selling brands, is a testimony of their quality workmanship. The NextGen series advances with a Touchless wheel technology. This state of the art feature makes one forget that tire changing was a difficult chore to begin with.

Corghi Tire Changers

Corghi tire changers are synonymous with automatism. This is the core principle of Corghi's Artiglio Master Code tire changer. As one of our top selling brands, Corghi pushes the standards of automotive innovation once again with this cutting- edge model. The Artiglio represents their leverless technology and is backed up by the Smart Corghi System. Tire profiling is taken by an automatic data acquisition feature. Once the data is assessed, corrective procedures are executed by a systematic tool positioning process.