Durable  4 Post Car Lifts 

Four post lifts are the tools favored by mechanics, and dedicated car enthusiasts for all of their more complex maintenance projects. The products on offer here at JMC Automotive Equipment represent the highest quality technology in the industry. Everything from the materials used to build them, down to the crew’s attention to operational safety make these lifts an essential part of any professional garage.

The four post lifts are best used for wheel alignment. The hoist range also allows the necessary clearance for break repairs. In a four post auto life model, there are built-in automatic lock systems and featured ramps with anti-skid marks to make sure that the car will not roll down the ramp while it’s being operated. The Benpak 4 post lifts that are ready for installation include HD-7P 7,000-lb. Capacity Short Runways Extra-Tall 4 Post Lift is a definite example of a dynamic and powerful machine. It is designed to give the desirable hoist needed even for tight space and automotive heavy labor. With this equipment, working under cars will be much easier.

The JMC Automotive Equipment team will provide comprehensive 4 post installation services on Benpak, Titan, and Challenger brand lifts. This is to ensure that your lifts are ready to work at full capacity from day one. There’s no need to wait longer to get started on large scale projects involving your vehicles.

We offer various hoist strengths so that our customers only pay for the equipment that they need. This type of flexibility also allows us to offer the lowest possible prices for our 4 post lifts. Simply scroll down to choose the lift that will serve your needs better, and contact us to get more information about them.

We also encourage you to explore the rest of our website to discover other pieces of equipment that can benefit your vehicles.

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