Durable Two Post Car Lifts

Car owners and auto repair shop owners have different reasons to support their decision to buy a 2-post car lift. First, a day spent working under a vehicle can lead to a persistent pain across your shoulder or a twinge in your neck due to. It’s an uncomfortable situation: you’re flat on your back, straining and twisting, blindly groping for tools that have rolled beyond your reach. Second, if you are starting your repair shop in a smaller space, not all of the vehicles you service will fit inside. If you wish to serve more clients, you’ll need all the additional space you can spare.

Using 2-post automotive lifting equipment simplifies car maintenance and easily doubles your garage space. It also offers a safer alternative to single-posts, pits, stands, and jacks.

JMC Automotive Equipment has an extensive selection of 2-post auto lifts for sale. Our automotive lifts are modeled and manufactured to give you the dynamic flexibility needed for to repair and maintain your car(s). We carry models from trusted brands, such as BendPak, Challenger, and Titan.

Daily repairs are easier with this type of lift. It offers enough space for jobs like the installation of exhaust systems and wirings. You also gain full access to the wheels as you work in a more comfortable position. No need to stay on your back the entire day. Safe repairs are also possible. With our symmetric 2-post lift, there is plenty of space to open the doors between the posts. You can also service two vehicles at once, thanks to the space-saving benefits of 2-post vehicle lifts.


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