Mobile Column Lifts

JMC Automotive Equipment’s clients purchase mobile column vehicle lifts for one (or more) of the following reasons:

Most repair shop owners seek flexible, open spaces when the lifts are not in use, but not all owners can create a bay inside their service centers. In fact, some are restricted to lifting inside their garage.

Growing businesses also require additional space to accommodate more clients. Some owners resolve to invest huge sums of money on renovations to increase floor space. Beyond the benefit of accepting more clients, the additional space also spares mechanics from the tiresome task of moving vehicles from one location to another.

JMC Automotive Equipment’s selection of mobile column lifts for vehicles is ideal for different garage situations. We carry models from trusted names, such as iDEAL, BendPak, and PKS.

Repair Shop Operations Simplified

Gain the benefit of open space when your lifts are not in use when you purchase a mobile lifting system for your repair shop. You can create a bay with multiple uses inside your service center. Also, you don’t have to restrict all the lifting inside your garage.

Bays with a lift secured to the ground also consume more space. With a mobile lift, this doesn’t pose a problem. Once you’ve completed a repair job, you can roll your mobile columns out of the way. The equipment lines up nicely, freeing up more space that you can use for other jobs.

Browse through our selection today to find the equipment that suits your shop.