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Challenger Lifts CL10V3-2 Versymmetric 10,000 lbs Two Post Car Lift

Challenger Lifts CL10V3-2 Versymmetric 10,000 lbs Two Post Car Lift

Two post lifts are as important to the automotive repair industry as the telephone has been for communication. Their importance is measured in time saved, efficiency and let’s face it, there is no easier way to service a vehicle than suspending it in the air with a two post lift. Now, there are handful of brands all offering an impressive line of two post automotive lifts but today we’re going to talk about Challenger Lifts and their CL10V3-2 Versymmetric 10,000 lbs two post car lift.


One of the first things people ask about the CL10 and Challenger Lifts in general is “what is a versymmetric lift and why are they the only ones that advertise?” Challenger Lifts’ versymmetric technology is their answer to the growing debate as to whether repair shops should go symmetric or asymmetric when it comes to their two post lifts (learn the difference between the two here). Challenger Lifts opted to create a 2 in 1 lift. In layman’s terms, it’s a two post lift that may be adjusted to be either of the two, making the lifting of cars and trucks easier with just a few simple adjustments to the lift.


Challenger Lifts CL10V3-2

Challenger Lifts has been an industry leader for generations and it is their CL10 series that has made them stand out on top when it comes to two post lifts. In addition, the CL10V3-2 like the other two members of the series, comes standard with offset 3-stage front arms which allows them to be packed in an asymmetric lifting position, rear of the front tires.


What separates this lift from its competitors is, when the vehicle is driven through, the front arms perform a function known by Challenger Lifts as directSPOT which simply means the user doesn’t have to reposition the vehicle or move back and forth in order to reach its recommended lift points adding even more convenience.


CL10 Series Two Post Lifts Configurations

The CL10 series might be known for it’s state of the art versymmetric technology which makes it able to lift both cars and trucks allowing you to easily enter and exit the vehicles but the series also offers much more.


There are 3 different productivity configurations that make up this series which are, Complete Productivity (CL10 two post lift), Maximum Productivity (CLV3 two post lift) and Max Plus Productivity (CL10V3-2).


Our star product today, the CL10V3-2 comes with the Max Plus Productivity Configuration which ultimately means:

  • Maximum arm sweep with reach and retraction that meets the widest range of recommended lifting points.

  • The CL10V3-2 is the industry’s first two post auto lift with CLs versymmetric technology with 3 stage front arms + 3 stage rear arms.

  • OSHA compliant keyed lockout safety button locks out power to the lift.

  • Both columns feature down power button / dual single point mechanical lock release system.


CL10V3-2, Versatility and Comfort

Challenger Lifts is one of the industry’s biggest names when it comes to automotive equipment and their lifts are known worldwide. They pride themselves on their American made equipment and can be construed as a bit more expensive than competing brands. Why is that? Mostly because of the comfort in knowing that with their CL10 series you don’t just get a high-quality lift, you get a name that comes with years of hard work looking to build the perfect lift. That’s exactly what Challenger Lift aims to deliver with this series. A combination of various lifts that each will cater to a specific type of customer. Ask about their Max Plus Productivity, Maximum Productivity and Complete Productivity Configurations.


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