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Providing a Range of Equipment from Challenger Lifts

You need not look far if you’re in search of auto lifts or alignment equipment. JMC Equipment carries automotive products from Challenger Lifts, a well-known provider of auto lifts.

The Versymmetric® Advantage

One of the things that set Challenger Lifts apart from other manufacturers is its Versymmetric® technology. Versymmetric® allows individuals to safely accommodate vehicles with either an asymmetric or symmetric center of gravity using heavy-duty arms and columns.

Challenger Lifts makes its Versymmetric® lifts in several configurations to enable auto shop owners to meet their specific needs. Owners will also find that the lifts are versatile and easy to operate.

Commitment to High-Quality Product Standards

As an Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) board member, Challenger Lifts promotes high-quality product standards and the safe use, construction, and design of vehicle lifts. The manufacturer makes sure to maintain quality at each stage of the equipment production. It believes that it is not just in the business of making vehicles but that it also raises the standards for the whole auto lifts industry.

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