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Let's talk home garage storage and industrial public garage parking solutions.
BendPak specializes in providing car parking storage lifts to both commercial and private sectors. Our strength as a leader in the parking lift industry assures that we provide the highest quality and most technically advanced car parking solutions to our customers. The integrity of our car parking lifts, as evidenced by the thousands of systems currently installed worldwide has remained a constant characteristic of our products.

Whether you're the owner of a public parking structure or just want to get the most storage out of your private carport or garage, BendPak has a selection of premium auto stacker parking lifts to truly maximize your work

Best parking liftspace. We offer both two-post, single-post and four-post three-level stacker configurations with the smallest footprints possible. As with every BendPak product, safety and durability are our primary concern, so these rugged, compact parking lifts feature automatically engaging spring-actuated locks, plenty of hard-working muscle for busy garages and ergonomic operator controls for superior ease-of use.

Finding the right parking lift is easy with BendPak.

Parking Lift Model Capacity Length Width Height Rise Type
 PLT-6S Parking Lift 6,000-lbs. 153.5" 98.3" 74" 62.9" Two-post
 PL-6000 Parking Lift 6,000-lbs. 168" 110" 119" 73" Single-post
 PL-6000X Parking Lift 6,000-lbs. 168" 110" 131" 85" Single-post
 PL-14000 Parking Lift 14,000-lbs. 193" 114" 280"   Four-post
 HDS-35PX Parking Lift 35,000-lbs. 456" 185-1/2" 200" 168" Four-post
 HD-7P Four-Post Lift 7,000-lbs. 189" 100" 100" 82" Four-post
 HD-7W Four-Post Lift 7,000-lbs. 189" 116-3/4" 100" 82"  Four-post 
 HD-9ST Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 200" 99-3/4"  88"   70" Four-post 
 HD-9 Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 200" 110-3/4" 88"   70"  Four-post 
 HD-9STX Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 224" 99-3/4"  100"  82"  Four-post 
 HD-9XW Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 224" 110-3/4"  100"   82"  Four-post 
 HD-9XL Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 224" 110-3/4"  88"    70"  Four-post 
 HD-9SW Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 200" 206"   88"    70"  Four-post 
 HD-9SWX Four-Post Lift  9,000-lbs. 224" 206"  100"  82"  Four-post 


Here at BendPak, we make it our business to not only build quality products, but to constantly improve them to incorporate more features, more convenience and better technology than anyone else in the market. Our parking lift features are constantly being copied by other manufacturers who try to keep their costs down by not bothering to do their own engineering. But we've spent the last 40 years building a solid reputation and relationship with our cherished clients, and we refuse to do
Parking Lifts in auto shopsanything to jeopardize that. Why gamble on some unknown parking lift for your own garage storage? Always bet on BendPak for the very finest automotive service equipment.

Our commitment to servicing our customers has been an important factor in our success, and will continue to set us apart from our competitors now and in the future. Our experience in working with property owners, developers, designers, and contractors to provide car parking storage lifts and to upgrade old car parking systems enables us to develop innovative and cost effective solutions to meet your vehicle storage needs – from cars to trucks.

Whether you plan on installing surface mount or free-stanSpace saver parking liftsding car parking lifts inside or outside, you can rely on our expertise to provide you with the best parking lifts that money can buy. Let us show you how we can help satisfy your auto and truck storage needs. We look forward to discussing your plans with you.

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Better Products - Better Service - Better Value

For more than a decade, America’s best lift has been coupled with the best warranty in the business. Instead of hiding behind a long veil of marketing fluff, we’re proud to deliver our warranty up front for all to see. To make sure we deliver our customers lifting products worthy of our 5-2-1 warranty, we developed our Design-Build-Quality-Deliver directive. This Zero-Tolerance for Defects initiative combined with our 5-2-1 Warranty is BendPak’s way of backing up what we claim. We employ a dedicated team of design engineers who are responsible for detecting and correcting any issue no matter how small before it gets to the customer. Five years is a long time, so we’ve got to get it right before we ship. The best warranty in the business gives you more than just peace of mind; it’s proof that we took a little extra care building your lift and every precaution was taken to maintain the highest degree of quality, dependability and reliability.

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