Lisle 82200 Super Torx Bit Set, 9pc.

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Lisle 82200 Super Torx Bit Set, 9pc.

20% Stronger than One-Piece Torx Bits.

This set includes nine of the most popular Torx sizes for automotive applications. The six smaller bits are 1/4" drive, and the three larger bits are 3/8" drive. The set includes T-10, T-15, T-20, T-25, T-27, T-30, T-40, T-45 & T-50 in a convenient holder.
Available Individually:

Part NumberDescription
82210 T-10 Super Torx Bit
82220 T-15 Super Torx Bit
82230 T-20 Super Torx Bit
82240 T-25 Super Torx Bit
82250 T-27 Super Torx Bit
82260 T-30 Super Torx Bit
82270 T-40 Super Torx Bit
82280 T-45 Super Torx Bit
82290 T-50 Super Torx Bit


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