Body Repair

Body Repair

Auto body repair is one of the most competitive divisions of the automotive industry which is why it is important your shop has the latest tools in body repair by the industry’s biggest names. The completion of any auto project relies not only on skill and experience, but also equipment that guarantees efficient body repair work every time. 

We carry dozens of frame machines, car rotators, paint panels and brackets from names such as star-a-liner and tuxedo. We only source from reputable and trusted brands in the industry to ensure that the equipment we deliver to our customers always meets the highest quality standards.

When it comes to body repair, no one knows the importance of high-quality products quite like JMC does. Our knowledgeable staff and low prices make us your go to guys for frame machines, car rotators, paint panels and brackets so be sure to contact us today to learn more.

We’re the name to trust for efficient body repair equipment. When you buy from us, you can be sure that your customers will be satisfied with the level of service you provide them. 

At JMC Automotive Equipment, we understand that to make your garage and automotive repair business a success, you need high quality equipment to ensure the highest quality standards of your body repair projects. Whether it’s a serious door ding, minor fender bender or an extreme car accident, your customers trust you to deliver the best possible solution to their problem.

For that reason you need to make sure your business carries the very best, and you can do that by choosing the right body repair equipment for your needs.Make sure to check out the rest of our website to discover our complete range of body repair equipment for sale. You may also Contact JMC today to learn more about body repair products.