Rolling Jacks 

Rolling jacks are a great addendum to any auto repair shop or garage looking to take full advantage of their Four post lifts. They allow techs to service their vehicles in a more effective manner and are very easy to use.

Our jacks fit the most popular 4-post lifts, replacing original equipment jacks. The narrow widths allow easy access to the area where your vehicle is being serviced. The spring-loaded mounting bracket rollers allow these jacks to be positionedeasily. As well as locked into places once you apply weight.

Here at JMC, we carry a wide array of rolling jacks from the industry’s biggest names. Whether you’re looking for Bendpak, Branick, Tuxedo, or Dannmar, we carry them all and at the lowest prices. We also carry Titan Lifts, AMGO, and an assortment of Challenger Lifts models from the $900 RJ3 to their $21,000 SAJ35.

Many of our top sellers include free shipping and our yearlong sales have made JMC a household name. See our more than 30 different brands and models below.