Bendpak GrandPrix GP-9F 9,000 Lbs 4-Post Lift Package


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Bendpak GrandPrix GP-9F 9,000 Lbs 4-Post Lift Package jmc-shipping-button.png

FREE Aluminum Ramps, Caster Kit, Jack Platform and Drip Trays

The GrandPrix GP-9F is the perfect home car lift. Its slim, toughened boxed-steel columns are preferred by many for home lifting applications. Maintenance is minimal and easy to perform. 

What’s unique about the GrandPrix GP-9F by BendPak This four-post car and light-duty truck lift has been terrifically tailored for home garages and car enthusiasts of all experience levels. It benefits by combining the rugged and dependable nature of hydraulic power with the simplicity and safety of mechanical operation.

From its tough welded-steel construction to its longlasting and proven design, the GP-9F demonstrates BendPak’s ongoing commitment to quality, safety, reliability and value. The GP-9F four-post lift was built with the strength and grittiness to lift the heaviest loads, and it has the lifting speed to get more done in less time. Simple operation and precise controls give operators more confidence, and BendPak’s legendary reliability means you get a car lift that goes the distance and performs flawlessly.


  • BendPak’s proven legacy gives you an edge in performance, service and cost of ownership.
  • Designed to be fastened to the floor or free-standing.
  • Comes standard with caster kit, drip trays, mobile jack tray, aluminum approach ramps, and hardened steel tire stops.
  • Boxed-steel columns are made from structural 4.75” x 4.75" welded steel tubing.
  • Columns feature 12” x 12” baseplates 5/8” thick.
  • Manual dead bolt locks are reliable and safe and are machined directly into the boxed-steel columns.
  • 3/4" thick steel safety locks are spring loaded for automatic and solid engagement.
  • 13 positive locking positions are spaced every 4 inches.
  • Secondary slack-cable lock system assures instant back-up safety lock engagement in the event of a cable failure.
  • Exterior steel sleeves with UHMV slides surround each column to ensure positive contact and containment.
  • ¾” thick safety locks are securely trapped by the full-perimeter cross tube sleeves and can't become dislodged or disengaged.
  • Welded-steel runways feature utility rail for jack tray and drip trays and other accessories.
  • Runways are welded and boxed for extra strength.
  • Built-in flow restriction integrated into the hydraulic cylinder to prevent free-fall.
  • Oversize baseplates and pull-perimeter cross tube sleeves reduce lateral movement and sway when lift is free-standing.
  • Low-profile runways are only 5" high to accommodate low ride-height vehicles.
  • Hardened steel safety lock linkages use 3/8” molded carbon steel rod ends to reduce flex and twist to ensure positive locking and smooth operation.
  • Precision, reinforced rod ends with spherical bearings are protective coated for corrosion resistance and are designed to provide low friction and high wear resistance.
  • 5/8" thick top caps.
  • Sheave axles feature hardened steel collars and snap rings.
  • Pull out tire stops on both ends of the lift that allows drive through capability.
  • Stainless steel lifting cables are rated to handle over 14,000 lbs. each.
  • Cable keepers assures cables remain safely secure to the sheaves.
  • Pre-assembled cables simplifies installation.
  • 36" aluminum approach ramps are gusseted to eliminate flex and bending.
  • Non-marring heavy-duty poly caster wheels will not damages painted floor surfaces.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • 3/4" runway bolts provide positive attachment with increased safety factor.
  • Operator controls are simple to use, well-placed and ergonomically advanced to reduce operator strain and fatigue and increase safety.
  • Electric/hydraulic power system.
  • Single hydraulic cylinder underneath runway.
  • Optional full-length aluminum platforms can be added to easily store lawnmowers, ATVs, jet skis or motorcycles.

All Accessories Included

Standard accessories include four quick-mount casters, lightweight-yet-tough polyethylene drip trays, a mobile jack tray (wide and sturdy enough to hold bottle jacks of varying sizes and profiles) and a lightweight, easily removable aluminum approach ramp. Yep, that means one price, one selection and a helluva lot of you-get-it-all. To top it off, GrandPrix keeps your vehicles safely contained at all times with forward and rear-mounted hardened steel tire stops, as well as a set of hard-rubber wheel chocks.

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 Lifting Capacity*  9000 lbs. (4082 kg)
 *Max Capacity / Front Axle  4500 lbs. (2041 kg)
 *Max Capacity / Rear Axle  4500 lbs. (2041 kg)
 A - Min. Runway Height  5" (127 mm)
 B - Max. Rise  70" (1778 mm)
 C - Max. Lifting Height  75" (1905 mm)
 Time to Full Rise  45 seconds
 Outside Dimensions  
 D - Overall Width  114,5" (2908 mm)
 E - Outside Length  176,5" (4483 mm)
 F - Overall Length  203" (5156 mm)
 G - Height of Columns  89" (2261 mm)
 Inside Dimensions  
 H - Width Between Columns  98" (2489 mm)
 I - Drive-Thru Clearance  86" (2184 mm)
 J - Runway Width  18,75" (476 mm)
 K - Length of Runways  165,5" (4204 mm)
 L - Width Between Runways  37,5" (953 mm)
 M - Runway Centerline  53,75" (1365 mm)
 N - Outside Edge of Runways  72,5" (1842 mm)
 Minimum Wheelbase  
 Rated Capacity  115" (2921 mm)
 75% Capacity  100" (2540 mm)
 50% Capacity  85" (2159 mm)
 25% Capacity  70" (1778 mm)
 Locking Positions  13
 Lock Spacing  Every 4” (102 mm)
 Power Unit  
 STANDARD: 110VAC, 50-60HZ, 1PH, 20A or OPTIONAL:
 208-230VAC, 50-60HZ, 1PH, 25A
 Noise  45 dB
 Weight  2,224 lbs. (1008.8 kg)
 166'' x 22'' x 43'' (4,203 mm x 4,203 mm x 1,092 mm)




*Specifications subject to change without notice.



pdf.jpg  Manual

pdf.jpg  Specs Sheet


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***It is the buyer's responsibility to unload the freight at their location.

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