Leverless Tire Changers

These types of tire changers are considered risk free and they reduce significantly the chances of damaging your wheels while changing them. They are specifically made to help the tech change run flat tires and also UHP (Ultra High Performance) Tires much easier than with their tire changer counterparts. Even though it is a little harder to learn how to use it, most manufacturers will include training when you purchase these tires changers. Some touchless / leverless tire changer models that JMC carries are the Corghi AM26 Artiglio Master, the Ranger RX3040 NextGen, and the Hofmann Monty FA 1000.

Most of these more advanced tire changers have an integrated wheel lift that helps in handling heavy wheels without the need for lifting hence eliminating operator injury. Powerful pneumatic assistant tools that reduce the effort needed while changing tough-sidewall tires. This enhances a safer and more efficient working environment. It is quick and precise to setup. It makes use of multi-size center cones that make mounting of wheels easy and fast thereby reducing wheel damage. It services a larger range of wheels. This gives it flexibility to work on a variety of wheel sizes and styles with a lot of efficiency.

Here at JMC we carry a large selection of leverless tire changers from the industry’s biggest names. Contact us today to learn more about tilt back tire changers.