Auto Rotisserie

Auto and Car Rotisseries 

Auto - Car Rotisserie

When it comes to car restorations, the auto or car rotisserie is the perfect tool to get the job done. You can prep your car and use it for welding, painting, abrasive blasting, or soda blasting. With 360 degree rotation, these rotisseries are perfect to get the job done fast and in the most efficient way.

Frame-off restorations tend to need lots of space to pull off. But thanks to auto rotisseries you can mount your project right on and work on all sides taking up very little space. Here at JMC, we carry the best car rotisseries at competitive prices. We also carry dedicated stands that ensure easy movement of body parts.

Rotisserie Lifts

A heavy-duty rotisserie holds up to 3,000 pounds which is more than enough to support a complete vehicle. The equipment is made of steel and uses a special locking system to stabilize parts. We also carry various accessories such as bracket kits and carts for specific makes and models.

Restorations are made simple with Rotisserie Lifts

Saving space is a huge priority for repair shops and garages alike. This is why with a rotisserie lift, instead of parts scattered all around, you can keep them together.

JMC Equipment carries auto rotisseries from brands like Auto Twirler, Titan Lifts, Merrick, and Tuxedo Lifts. Contact us for help in choosing the perfect rotisserie for you.