Auto Twirler At-Cv-Sub-Kit Corvette Sub-Frame

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Auto Twirler At-Cv-Sub-Kit Corvette Sub-Frame

Corvette Sub-Frame Assembly Bare Only

Attention Corvette owners. Yes, you can put your fiberglass Corvette body reliably on a rotisserie and get to ever inch without fear of cracking or misalignment. Our Corvette Sub-Frame system, shown in GRAY, is the most rugged system to mount any year of Corvette.

There are 6 sections that are approximately 5-1/2 feet long that bolt together using our well known 3/4” structural bolts along with two (2) cross members.

It has eight (8) body mounts: Four (4) for the bird cage, two (2) for the radiator core support, and two (2) for the rear body mounts.

The Corvette Sub-frame securely clamps onto the rotisserie swing arms with bi-directional clamps. This system is designed to achieve less than 1/16“ deflection over 16.5 feet. It just does not get any better than this.


  • Six (6) side members, two (2) cross members, eight (8) mounting posts.
  • Kit shown in GRAY.
  • Fits all years of Corvettes.


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1 year Limited Warranty

Every AutoTwirler has a 1 year warranty on the jacks and casters and a 1 year warranty on steel components against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.


This warranty does not cover mis-use, not following instructions, or items that have been altered in any way.Replacement items are available, at a cost, if needed.

Non Transferable

This warranty is not transferable and must have proof of purchase.

Registering Product

If you purchased your unit thru a JMC Equipment, we highly recommend that you register your product with Auto Twirler by mailing, emailing, or faxing your receipt with your name, address phone and date of purchase.