Nomad The Elevator Regular Elevated Creeper

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The Elevator
This product will be available by mid-February. Call 800-562-4791 for pricing and availability.
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Nomad The Elevator Regular Elevated Creeper

We are the manufacturer and distributor of an elevated shop creeper, known as the “Elevator.” We are committed to meeting the challenges and needs of our customers. We strive to provide a high level of service and satisfaction. The Elevator has many features that allow you to complete the job quickly and safely.


 Front edge  50-1/2"
 Midpoint  49-1/2"
 Center pole    47-1/2"
 Overall height  6' - 3"
 Weight capacity  350 lbs


Comparing to the Topside Creeper

We are often answering questions about how our creeper matches up to the ‘Topside Creeper’. The topside creeper is a “lean-over”. You are leaning over the vehicle and your back takes the strain. Our creeper supports your back and legs, is more comfortable, and easier to use for longer periods of time. The topside creeper has a considerable footprint when not in use, our new “Fold-Away” model solves that issue.


Flying Platform

With leg support locked, it is a stable, rigid & safe work platform


 Padded Platform

 Velcro attached custom pad for extra comfort



Holds wrenches and bolts from dropping into an open engine


 Locking Mechanism 

Simple, easy & safe lock for leg rest



         Wide platform for comfort & stability. Safe for dismount from creeper 


 Three Steps High

 Stable steps allow for safe entry & exit from platform



Protects vehicle from scratches from 10″ to 36″ bumper height



Hard powder coated frame


Shin Pad

Padded leg rest allows for long periods of comfortable use


Safety Screw

Tightener to reduce sway after height adjustment has been made


Solid platform will not buckle and rides on stable industrial wheels



pdf.jpg Assembly Instructions Part 1

pdf.jpg Assembly Instructions Part 2

If you need specific Warranty information on Nomad Products, please call us at 800-562-4791.