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Buyer’s Guide for John Dow Products

About John Dow Industries

For those of you unaware, John Dow is an Ohio based automotive equipment company that for over 30 years has been providing its customers with quality products engineered to help all types of customers (novices and experts alike) achieve greater work efficiencies for a variety of tasks within the automotive aftermarket field. These products, all created and manufactured within their headquarters in Barberton, Ohio are built to withstand the test of time and made to endure even the toughest of conditions.


John Dow offers a plethora of products in 5 different brands each of which guarantee longevity and durability for their goods.

John Dow Fuel Chief – Portable Fuel Storage and Handling

John Dow Crew Chief – Used Oil & Fluid Handling

John Dow - Automotive Service Equipment

John Dow EuroVent – Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

John Dow Dynamic – Automotive Fasteners & Supplies



John Dow Fuel Chief – Portable Fuel Storage and Handling

John Dow Fuel Chief is the leading manufacturer of gas caddies in North America and was created 
to meet the growing demand of effective transportation and storage of fuel. Fuel Chief by John Dow
includes Poly Glass Caddies and the UL listed Steel Gas Caddies.


Steel Gas Caddies


These were engineered for the professional technician and are the only Fuel Chief steel gas caddies
to be UL listed and designed to meet the rigorous OSHA standards. There 
are two types of
Steel Gas Caddies and they are

FC-25GC 25-Gallon UL Listed Steel Gas Caddy with 2-way Rotary Pump

John Dow Fuel Chief is the leading manufacturer of gas caddies in North America and was created
to meet the growing demand of effective transportation and storage of fuel. Fuel Chief by John Dow
includes Poly Glass Caddies and the UL listed Steel Gas Caddies.

Features Include

  • 25 gallon capacity steel tank
  • UL listed and complies with OSHA guidelines
  • UL listed cast iron pump
  • 10” steel wheels


Pro30 Series 30-Gallon UL Listed Steel Gas Caddy with Air Powered or 2-Way Rotary Pump

The Pro30 series is designed with a professional technician in mind. The cart-
style caddy is easy to move around and is available with manual or air operated pump.
It is for use with Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Bio-diesel and Transmission Fluid.

Features Include

  • 30 gallon capacity steel tank
  • UL listed, complies with OSHA guideline
  • Lift Level gauge
  • 4-way directional valve
  • Internal filter system
  • Heavy duty locking rear wheels and locking front casters.
  • Decals set for identification

 Poly Gas Caddies

“non-automotive” applications and the storage of fuel is its main task. They are ideal forContrary to their predecessors the Steel Gas Caddies, Poly Gas Caddies are utilized for markets such as do-it-yourself, marine, small engine, farm and industrial. Fuel Chief by

John Dow Industries offers two different types of Poly Glass Caddies.fc-prk-13-two-way-pump-kit.jpg

FC-25PFC Fuel Cart 25-Gallon Poly Caddy - Gasoline/Diesel

and balance for transporting, its “Lay Flat” design serves as a secure rest whenThe fuel cart 25-gallon poly caddy has a molded handle designed for comfort

the caddy needs to be transported on its back, its center baffle provides added

strength and prevents spilling of substance and its 10” Pneumatic tires make it

easy to transport from point a to point b on almost any surface.

FC-PRK 13 Two-Way Pump Kit

The fuel cart 25 gallon also comes in a two-way pump version which allows for
assisted fueling when gravity flow is not an option.


John Dow Crew Chief – Used Oil & Fluid Handling

John Dow’s Crew Chief brand is the most extensive line of oil drains and fluid handling equipment

available today with high quality products with innovative features. They offer both automotive and

heavy duty applications with pump assist and low profile minimalist designs.

img8393.jpg jdilp5.jpg jdi6ev.jpg



Portable Economy Oil Drains

John Dow offers a wide range of portable waste oil drains created to meet the needs of any be utilized with a variety of other waste fluids. They come in three different sizes.service facility no matter how large or how small. These long lasting waste oil drains can also

JDI-5DCK 5-Gallon Economy Portable Oil Drain (Steel)
JDI-8DCP 8-Gallon Economy Portable Oil Drain (Poly)
JDI-18DCP 18-Gallon Economy Portable Oil Drain 



Self-Evacuating Oil Drains

Units are easily and quickly emptied using regular shop air that pushes the fluid out of the tank 
and into a holding tank, eliminating the need for a special diaphragm pump storage system. Designed to work in all automotive service facilities.

JDI-25HDC 25-Gallon Self-Evacuating Oil Drain
JDI-27DC 27-Gallon Self-Evacuation Oil Drain

Pump Assist Oil Drains

You will find wide variety of portable waste oil drains designed to meet the needs
of any small to large volume pump-assist-oil-drains.jpgservice facility. These durable waste oil drains can also be used with a variety of other waste fluids.

The transmission drain pan adapter (JD-2436) can be used with each drain for an extended fluid catch during transmission applications.

JDI-16DC-E 16-Gallon Pump Assist Oil Drain
JDI-22DCX 22-Gallon Pump Assist Oil Drain
JDI-22DCAF 22-Gallon Pump Assist Anti-Freeze Drain
JDI-27GFD 27-Gal. Deluxe Poly Portable Oil Drain

Low Profile Oil Drains


Low-profile drains are low enough to roll under most trucks and rugged enough to handle the most demanding of heavy-duty applications.

The best solution for heavy-duty and industrial markets.

JDI-LP4 17-Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain
JDI-LP5 25-Gallon Low Profile Oil Drain with 110V Pump
JDI-17PLP 17-Gallon Polyethylene Low Profile Oil Drain
JDI-AF10E 10-Gallon Low Profile Anti-Freeze Drain

Combination Oil Drain/Fluid Evacuators


John Dow combines the capabilities of their self-evacuating oil drains and their
fluid evacuator with the specially designed combination drains in the versatile product. The end  result is designed to remove fluids as well as oil from any vehicle when
traditional draining methods are not convenient. Crew Chief Combination
Oil Drain/ Fluid Evacuators are equipped with features that are impossible to match.


JDI-20COMBO 20-Gallon Oil Drain and Fluid Evacuator Combination
JDI-20COMBO-B 20-Gallon Oil Drain and Fluid Evacuator Combination with Transparent Bowl Assembly

Fluid Evacuators

Fluid evacuators are designed to remove used oil and other fluids from any fluid-evacuators.jpgvehicle regardless of size or shape. A charged unit is completely portable and Crew Chief by John 

Dow has only the best quality fluid evacuators available today.

JDI-6EV 6-Gallon Fluid Evacuator
JDI-20EV 20-Gallon Fluid Evacuator
JDI-20EV-B 20-Gallon Fluid Evacuator with Bowl Assembly


John Dow – Automotive Service Equipment

When it comes to environmental safety, John Dow Automotive Service Equipment delivers top of the line products that include aboveground used oil storage systems and used oil filter crushers. These products help promote the recycling of used oil and represent the main goal of John Dow Automotive Service Equipment.

use-this-1-.jpg  useev5100rev2-1-.jpg

Aboveground Used Oil Storage Systems


John Dow Industries provides faster, safer and cleaner alternatives for used oil evacuation with their line of pump assist systems. Their products are ideal for new car
dealers, heavy duty fleet owners, operators and automotive service stores and dealers.
Aboveground Used Oil Storage Systems are available in two forms.

AGS-245D Used Oil Storage System
AGS-285D Used Oil Storage System

Oil Filter Crushers and Accessories

John Dow offers the best solution in storage and disposal of oil filters. They assure oil-filter-crushers-and-accessories.jpgcompliance with federal, state and local norms for draining oil filters. Not to mention its rugged steel construction and air/hydraulic design was made to stand the test of time. Models are designed for both automotive and heavy duty-duty truck filters.


Air-Operated Oil delivery systems

Complete Packages – includes all required equipment. For motor oil, synthetic oil, air-operated-oil-delivery-systems.jpghydraulic oil and ATF. Designed for 55-gallon drums


  • Powered by 3:1 ratio medium pressure pump
  • Differential air motor ensures smooth pumping
  • Heavy-duty control valvee
  • 10' delivery hose

JDOL-16 Oil System - 16-Gal
JDOL-55 3:1 Oil System - 55-Gal.

Air-Operated Grease Delivery System 

Professional Quality. Complete Packages – includes all required equipment. air-operated-grease-delivery-system-.jpgDesigned for 35 lb. grease containers. Built for durable and reliable operation. 


  • Powered by 50:1 ratio high pressure pump
  • Non-corrosive design for long-term use
  • Heavy-duty control handle
  • Z-swivel for ease-of-use

JDL-5 Grease System - 35 lb.
JDL-55 Grease System - 400 lb.
JDL-16C Grease System - 120 lb. w/Caster Base

Portable Oil & Fluid Dispenser


John Dow’s versatile dispensers are 100% portable with air pressure charge and are
ideal for motor oil, synthetic oil, ATF and other light fluids. Their two products come
for either 5 gallon or 15 gallon capacity.

JDI-5DP Fluid Dispenser 5-Gal.
JDI-15DP Fluid Dispenser 15-Gal.

Professional Series Hose Reels

Designed for durable and dependable operation. Air, oil, and grease applications

Adjustable Guide Arm
Guide arm adjusts to nine different positions allowing for a variety of installation options.
Four-Direction Hose Rollershose-reel.jpg
Hose wear and abrasion is reduced with the four-direction hose guide.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Corrosion resistant powder-coat finish
  • 7" wide "L" shaped base for positive support
  • Four direction non-snag rollers reduce hose wear and abrasion
  • Spring is full enclosed and lubricated
  • Full-flow swivel prevents leakage
  • Guide arm adjustable up to 9 positions permitting wall, ceiling or floor mount


JohnDow Industries Portable Exhaust Extraction Systemev-5100-80961.jpg
This easy-to-use portable exhaust extraction system is a practical and affordable solution
effectively removing toxic exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities, motorcycle shops, small
engine repair shops and other work areas where toxic fume removal is needed.
Positioned next to the vehicle, the high-output suction fan captures fumes and
discharges them safely up to 30’ away.
Can be moved anywhere exhaust removal is needed.

John Dow Industries EV-5100



EuroVent’s state-of-the-art system is a cost-effective solution for removing toxic exhaust fumes from your auto repair facility or dealership service department. Compared to  traditional overhead and inground systems, the EuroVent
Vehicle Exhaust Extraction system offers several distinct advantages:

  • Limitless Flexibility
  • Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Operating Costs
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free
  • Ease of Use
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Enhanced Professional Image



Dynamic is a national supplier of automotive fasteners, hardware, and supplies. 

These products represent an emerging part of the JDI aftermarket business.
The extensive product categories available through Dynamic include:

  • Brake & Fuel Lines 
  • Body Shop Hardware 
  • Wheel Studs & Nuts
  • Drain Plugs & Gaskets 
  • Electrical Parts
  • Shop Chemicals
  • TPMS Service Kits, DVT-Sensors and Cabinets 

*Click Here for more infomration on John Dow's Dynamic products 



  John Dow - Eurovent                                                                         JohnDow Industries Crew Chief Evacuators & Dispensers    


JohnDow Industries Fuel Chief Polyethylene Gas Caddy               JohnDow Industries Crew Chief Self Evacuating Oil Drain


JohnDow Industries Fuel Chief Metal Gas Caddy 


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