The Disadvantages of Not Having a Mobile Column Vehicle Lift in your Shop

The majority of tasks that car repair shops have are focused on vehicle maintenance. Unless you specialize in collision repair, your daily duties would most likely include alignment tasks, oil changes or wheel servicing.

Despite this, some car service shops still struggle with having the right equipment for the job. Sometimes it may be because they lack the necessary space for it or, if they’re new to the car repair industry, they are unaware that they need some specialized equipment.

Take mobile column lifts, for example. Certain vehicle repairs would benefit from having this in your shop. It would also save you a lot of space. In this article, JMC Automotive discusses further the many ways not having these lifts can be disadvantageous to your shop.

Makes changing tires tedious

We all know that changing tires manually can be a challenge. It makes mechanics tired from having to bend over and lift heavy wheels. A mobile column vehicle lift would allow you to securely work under a vehicle and complete repairs at a comfortable height. Not choosing the right lift and accessories for the job will make these tasks more difficult to do, and could potentially make you lose productivity and efficiency in your shop.

Inaccurate car alignment

How can you tell if the car has poor alignment? Misalignment occurs when your tires are not pointing in the same direction as the steering wheel. So the absence of a mobile column lift would be challenging when you are aligning the car.

Employee hazard

Accident might occur anytime even in your shop. One of the factors why an accident happens is when your mechanic is using unsafe or uneven elevating tools. Apart from that, there are also high chances of the occurrence of injury from manual lifting.

Even the size and shape of the car may obscure the mechanic’s view which is why slipping, tripping and falling is prone to occur in shops that don’t invest in the proper equipment.

Space mismanagement

Having a wide space in your shop is an indication of more profit or bigger market size. It is more convenient to have an auto lift in your shop but without it, there might be traffic in the workplace of the mechanic. Also, techs or mechanics will not be functioning well when the way your space is maximized is off.


Not having advanced and quality automotive tools makes technician do repairs slower and as result, longer service time will lead to a slower ROI or return on investment. When your shop is facing lower productivity, you will be giving other shops more opportunity for business growth.


Equipment matters in a never-ending competitive market just like not having an advanced auto lift in your shop. It could also potentially hinder your reputation as a car service provider. Customers are more tech-savvy now and even if they might not fully understand what each piece of equipment is for, they are often attracted to places that offer hi-tech service.

Planning to upgrade your auto repair shop?

All automotive repair shop owners shouldn't settle for less. Take a big step and invest in mobile column lifts now. It will surely benefit your customer and your business.

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