Gearing Up for Car Storage: A Guide to Maintaining Good Vehicle Condition

There are a variety of reasons people store their cars: to free up garage space, to protect the vehicle, or to stow while they go on a trip. Car storage, however, is not as simple as it seems. You must store the vehicle in a safe place, of course. You also should make sure you’re using reliable storage solutions—a BendPak car lift, for example—that accommodates the vehicle’s size and weight.

More importantly, you need to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition before you put it in storage. By doing so, you safeguard that its condition remains the same you put it back to use.

Car Storage

Pay Attention to the Liquids

Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, gasoline—these liquids are the first thing to check when you are gearing up for car storage.

The contaminants in engine oil may damage the car engine. On a related note, brake fluid and coolant contain chemicals that may cause car parts to oxidize. Change these liquids before sending your car to storage to avoid unknowingly damaging the vehicle.

Fill your gas tank, as well. The gasoline will prevent the tank from rusting and its seals from drying out. If you’re storing the car for several months to a year, however, use a fuel stabilizer to prevent the gasoline from deteriorating.

Take Care of the Tires

Once your car is in storage and unless you can take it out for a short drive every few weeks, its tires will sit in the same position for a long period of time. This may lead to flat spots and eventual tire replacement.

To prevent this from happening, consider having the tires rotated and over-inflated to balance out the weight. Alternatively, you may raise the car on jack stands and remove the tires for extra precaution.

Car Tire Maintenance

Disconnect the Battery Cable

Finally, if you won’t be turning the engine on for a while, consider disconnecting the battery. You don’t have to remove the actual battery—disconnecting the negative battery cable should be enough. This prevents the car from draining the battery during storage.

Follow these steps and you’re all set to store your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to contact us for car storage solutions.