Bendpak and Tuxedo March Specials

The month of March is just about reaching it’s end mark and with Easter just under a week away, we’re all shaking our heads wondering how has this first quarter of 2016 gone by so quickly. There are many of us that still haven’t stocked up our shops with equipment for this year and many still wondering in what direction to go as far as brands.

If you’re part of that list of people JMC wants to talk a little bit about our March and Easter Special. It doesn’t have to be the end of the year for us to run specials and we’re not like most companies that lower our costs on clearanced items, on the contrary, we want you to be able to afford the very best of what we have to offer. Here’s are our Bendpak and Tuxedo March Specials.

Bendpak-Ranger March and Easter JMC Specials

This month, JMC is running awesome specials on one of the biggest names in the automotive equipment industry and we want to make their high-quality products affordable to all. Bendpak-Ranger have years’ experience as one of the leading names but not all shops claim to be able to afford their products, so check out our featured products, on sale today.

Bendpak and Ranger Promotions

Bendpak XPR-10, 2-Post Car Lift

The XPR-10 is Bendpak’s highest selling superstar 2-post vehicle lift. It’s sales, popularity and reviews makes it the ideal two post lift and one of our most acclaimed lifts. With an overall 10,000 lb. capacity the xpr-10 serves multiple types of vehicles and you can feel secure with this American made machine.

Regular Price - $3,435.000

Our March Special Price- $2,835.000

Bendpak XPR-10A, 2-Post Car Lift

The XPR-10A is the asymmetric version of the XPR-10 allowing for shop owners and techs who prefer working on vehicles in asymmetric lifts. You get the same quality lift from an American brand you’ve known for years but in a different version. Browse around, compare prices and you’ll see that if you want to save money and time, you can’t go wrong with JMC.

Regular Price - $3,465.000

Our March Special Price - $2,860.000

Bendpak HD-9, 4-Post Car Lift

For servicing bigger vehicles at your garage or shop or even if you require the perfect storage lift, Bendpak has the HD-9, 9,000 lb. Capacity 4 post lift. Its standard width and freestanding design allows it to not take up too much space at the shop thus ensuring you maximize space efficiency.

Regular Price - $3,390.00

Our March Special Price - $2,795.000

Bendpak HD-SO 14LSX, Open Front Extended Align Lift

If your shop requires an upgrade as far as heavy-duty lifts, JMC recommends you give the Bendpak HDSO-14LSX a second look. Its 14,000 lb. lifting capacity allows you to service larger vehicles with ease and adds both variety and power to your shop. If you have the extra space and demand for such a behemoth, browse over and check it out.

Regular Price - $8,005.000

Our March Special Price - $6,610.000

Ranger R76ATR NextGen 30” Tiltback Tire Changer

Another important piece of equipment every shop has to renew every few years or so is their tire changer. A tire changer from one of the industry’s leading wheel and tire manufacturers (which is what Ranger by Bendpak are) will without a doubt provide you with a high-quality product that’s built to last. With our March special, you save $700.00 on this 30” tiltback tire changer.

Regular Price $4,025.000

Our March Special Price - $3,325.000

Tuxedo March and Easter JMC Specials

Another big name that’s been grown significantly in the industry the past couple of years is Tuxedo. This industry giant headquartered in Cleburne, Texas has raised the standard with it’s high-quality equipment at lower prices than most are used to. In addition to their already low prices, JMC wants to provide you with even better deals, making Tuxedo even more affordable.

Featured Brand of the Month, Tuxedo Lifts

Tuxedo TP7KAC 7,000 LB. Two Post Asymmetric Lift

If you need a standard two post lift that takes up very little space and has been a big seller here at JMC due to its practicality, why not give Tuxedo’s 7P7KAC 7,000 2-Post Asymmetric Lift a second look? With this lift you save a ton of money and you get a name that’s been on the rise for the past couple of years.

Regular Price $1,914.29

Our March Special Price $1,340.000

Tuxedo TP9KF 9,000 Two Post Floor Plate Symmetric Lift

For an upgrade on the aforementioned TP7KAC 7,000lb. Tuxedo Lift, we have the 7P9KF 9,000lb. Capacity post floor plate symmetric lift. With it you’ll find that Tuxedo Lifts have everything you’ve come to expect from bigger name lifts. This lift has a heavy-duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, high-strength cable equalization system and many more features.

If you wish to learn more about the TP9KF, check-out this article that briefly underlines every one of the aspects that makes this a great buy for any shop - TP9KF: Tuxedo’s Exemplar Two Post Lift

Regular Price - $1,998.57

Our March Special Price - $1,399.000

Our specials for March and the Easter season aren’t just limited to lifts, we have a long list of over 20 products for both Tuxedo and Bendpak that will more than likely turn a few heads. From Tire changers, to wheel balancers and even floor jacks, JMC wants to light up this easter season by making automotive equipment even more affordable. With free shipping and exceptionally rated customer service, JMC is ythe solution. So don’t dwell on the past and regret not having stocked up your shop with new equipment before, take a look at our specials and see why JMC are the #1 automotive equipment distributors in America.