TP9KF: Tuxedo’s Exemplar Two Post Lift


Here at JMC Automotive Equipment we like our customers to know what their peers and competition are buying. For that reason, every week we upload different guides that both explain and highlight each and every one of our company’s highest sellers.

This week we want to talk a bit about a company that since they first moved to America back in 2004, have gotten nothing but praise from our customers thanks to their low prices and surprisingly high quality equipment, Tuxedo.

Now, this isn’t going to be a buyer guide for Tuxedo because we previously laid one out for you (Tuxedo Distributors: Leading Importers, Certified Performance) but we will underline our highest selling product for them, Tuxedo TP9KF Symmetric Two-Post Lift. We want to highlight its key features, specifications, what makes it so great, installation process and last but not least, price.


Tuxedo TP9KF

Tuxedo’s TP9KF is a 9,000 pound capacity symmetric two post lift which means its columns face each other directly and are stationed right across from each other. Symmetric lifts also have 4 equally lengthed arms and these lifts are mainly used to lift SUVs as well as passenger vans.


The TP9KF features a heavy duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, an extra strength cable equalization system as well as everything else you have come to expect from more expensive, quality two post lifts.

Tuxedo’s TP9KF is chain-driven, it features dual cylinders with low friction chain rollers, low profile automatic arm restraints, stackable drop in height adapters and a powder coat paint finish.


Basic Specifications for the TP9KF

Description/Floor Plate - Symmetric

Capacity - 9,000 pounds

Lifting Time - 50 Seconds

Overall Height - 111 - 15/16”

Overall Width - 141”

Lifting Height - 72”

Between Posts - 110”


What makes the TP9KF so great?

We know customers are usually discouraged from buying Chinese built lifts for many reasons. They prefer to buy American made products for one, and second of all, they are under the impression that Chinese built lifts are defective. While we may agree that Chinese made vehicles aren’t winning any awards anywhere, Tuxedo has garnered nothing but praise and their TP9KF Two Post lift has been our #1 selling two post lift for a while now. Its quality when compared to its price cannot be beat and your return on investment will be seen so much quicker.

You save almost $600 just by buying this lift from us and if by now you’re still weary of a Chinese built lift, just know that Tuxedo is an American born company that formed a strategic alliance with a Shanghai based international trading company (Kernel Trading Co.). This alliance is important because Tuxedo has inside access with an equipment refinement and development process that many American manufacturers with Chinese built equipment do not have. In layman’s terms, Tuxedo’s equipment, i.e the TP9KF two post lift is the apotheosis of Chinese made equipment.


Installation Process


Installing this lift is rather simple and can easily be completed within a few hours using just two people. You will need the following tools:

  • 3 gallons (or 12 quarts) of Non-detergent / Non-Foaming Hydraulic Oil (SAE-10, AW 32 or Equivalent).

  • Chalk line and 12’ Tape measure

  • 4 Foot level

  • Rotary hammer drill with ¾” masonry drill bit.

  • Hammer and Allen Wrench set

  • Metric Sockets and Open Wrench set - 13mm - 30mm

  • Medium crescent wrench and medium pipe wrench

  • Crow bar for shim installation and flat screwdriver

  • Vise grips, needle nose and snap ring pliers.


Warranty and Price

As far as a warranty, Tuxedo is just as good as its competitors and like its competitors, separates its warranty on their equipment by parts.


Structural Warranty

The following parts and structural components carry a 5 year warranty:

  • Columns

  • Legs

  • Tracks

  • Arms

  • Carriages

  • Cross Rails

  • Uprights

  • Overhead Beam

  • Top Rail Beam

  • Swivel Pins


Limited One Year Warranty

For the TP9KF along with Tuxedo’s other lifts, they offer a one year warranty to its original purchaser within the United States and Canada. They’ll be sure to replace without charge any part that has been found to be defective in materials or workmanship under normal use, for a period of one year after purchase. The warranty doesn’t apply to equipment improperly installed or altered or that hasn’t been maintained properly.

Note: Warranty does not cover wear parts.

Tuxedo Distributors lifts are well within the lowest prices and they do this because they want you to see for yourself the quality lift you’re going to receive in the TP9KF. We know that you’ll immediately be drawn to this lift for it’s low cost and in no time you’ll look at Tuxedo for their wide array of automotive equipment, great warranties, amazing reviews and you’ll come back to us for assistance.


Additional Notes

If you’re buying a lift you probably have some basic knowledge of the installation process that’s associated with each lift but here are a few items worth jotting down.

  • Don’t install this lift on a surface other than concrete.

  • Please be sure whoever utilizes the lift is a qualified, responsible and follows the lift’s safety guidelines.

  • Don’t install the lift outdoors unless special consideration has been made to protect the power unit from unpredictable weather conditions.

  • The lift is only intended to lift vehicles, avoid lifting machinery containing persons.

The TP9KF is a great addition to any garage or shop and if you’re an amateur working on vehicles for the first time, this might be the perfect lift for you. If you’re not planning to store vehicles (to store, we recommend a 4-Post such as the FP12K-K also by Tuxedo) this lift is both affordable and durable so don’t hesitate and ask today.

We carry only the finest made products for every budget and if you want to see for yourself and compare prices, please feel free to do so. We have the lowest prices in the market and customer service reviews you can feel comfortable with.