Baileigh's Form and Roll Bending Machines

JMC Equipment offers durable and cost-effective Baileigh roll bender machines. Our high-precision and versatile machines are powerful enough to create large, multi-radius bends on a single material. The oil and gas and automotive industries rely on roll benders for ornamental ironwork, handrail applications, and race car bumpers fabrication.

Count on our equipment to conduct light to medium metal bending work; they guarantee high-quality results and long-term industrial strength.

A Broad Range of Applications

Roll bending machines are ideal for creating original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts. With them, shops can create high-volume, consistent parts and spares. These include exhaust systems, lighting fixtures, electric motor casings, pipe clamps, washing machine tubes, tank heater parts, commercial vehicle panels, and more.

An Effective Way to Bend OD Tubes

Our bending machines are capable of working on a broad range of thick metals. They also produce smooth, circular bends on a tube’s outside diameter (OD).

The products we offer include:

  • Manual roll benders – JMC Equipment has manual roll benders that can bend small OD tubes effectively.
  • Hydraulic roll benders– Our hydraulic roll benders work on durable materials and larger ODs.
  • CNC roll benders–We offer CNC roll benders that can store 40 programs and create multiple segments with multi-radius bends.

Reliable and Durable Equipment

Our ultra-fast machines have a strong reputation for delivering precise and accurate results. They are easy-to-operate machines that can form oval, square, and cylindrical shapes. The pipe bending technology is useful for the automotive industry because it can manufacture exhaust pipes for cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and more.

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Baileigh's Form and Roll Benders

  • Baileigh R-H170 heavy duty roll bender

    Baileigh R-H170 heavy duty roll bender
    $209,810.59 $155,415.00

     Baileigh R-H170 heavy duty roll bender This fully-horizontal hydraulic roll bender draws on the strength of a heavy steel frame to tackle extended production runs of difficult segments in large ODs. Features: ...

  • Baileigh R-H250 heavy duty roll bender

    Baileigh R-H250 heavy duty roll bender
    $287,914.84 $213,270.00

    Baileigh R-H250 heavy duty roll bender With a welded steel frame weighing 17 tons, this hydraulic roll bender can handle production runs in heavy-duty materials while maintaining accuracy. Features: Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power...

  • Baileigh R-H400 Heavy duty roll bender

    Baileigh R-H400 Heavy duty roll bender
    $936,603.34 $693,780.00

    Baileigh R-H400 Heavy duty roll bender Need to bend I-beams or massive pipe? The R-H400’s sophisticated digital controls and welded steel constructionwill produce accurate segments every time. Features: Requires 220-volt 3-phase...