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You can operate this programmable ring roller on its back for horizontal bending of large radii or in the vertical position for smaller diameters.


  • This Angle Ring Roller runs on 220-volt 3-phase power
  • Bend up to 2.75” round tubing with a .083 wall
  • 3 rolls driven by 5 HP motor with direct-drive transmission
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinder system lets you adjust the positioning of top forming roll with the programmable control station
  • Digital readout on top roll position makes each bend easily repeatable, key for those multiple-piece production runs
  • Built from heavy steel plate and mounted on a fully welded steel housing to sustain machine’s strength

Why choose the R-H55 over similar machines?

  • You won’t find many tube rollers with rugged steel construction like the R-H55! The heavy framework adds to the tube roller’s durability and ensures that the machine won’t buckle or lose accuracy when bending at full capacity.
  • We use only the highest-quality components on the market, like inverter drives from Siemens and machined steel shafts, to ensure that your investment will pay you back for years.
  • Comes standard with a set of segment rolls and lateral roll guides for coiling—features that some other companies consider add-ons or upgrades.


 Model Number  R-H55
 Motor (HP)  5 hp
 Motor Voltage (V.)  220
 Style (Type)  Angle Ring Roller
 Weight (Lbs.)  1320

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