Baileigh BR-16E-36LT Bead Roller


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Baileigh BR-16E-36LT Bead Roller

The BR-16E-36LT bead roller from Baileigh Industrial is one of our large range of bead rollers that have beeen changing the metal forming industry.  It has all the best features that fabricators want, as well as some they didn’t know that the needed, until now.

The BR-16E-36LT bead roller has a large 36” throat depth with integrated adjustable depth stop.  The Baileigh Industrial BR-16E-36 uses an open concept working area to the lower side of the machine, that enables large sheets of sheet metal as well as panels with radii already in them to have beads or steps applied. The BR-16E-36LT also has a unique quick release top die that maintains it’s forming depth.  Because it maintains the correct depth of the top die, the BR-16E-36LT bead roller allows the operator to begin or end a design in the middle of the panel without having to worry if the depth is set correct.  Forming depth is adjusted by a large hand wheel located just above the working area so it is easily accessible for adjustment on the fly.  

Unlike most other bead rollers on the market, the BR-16E-36LT allows the bottom die to be slid in or out depending on the offset the finished item requires, which will open up a world of possibilities in metal forming.

A variable speed foot pedal controls the speed of the material feed, but can be locked in at one speed if that is what the operator chooses.


Item Number BR-16E-36LT
Country of Manufacture United States
Motor Hp 1/2
Mild Steel Capacity 16 ga.
Throat Depth 36"
Capacity (Mild Steel) 16 ga.
Aluminum Capacity 14 ga.
Power 110V
Shipping Weight 300 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 60" x 44" x 68"


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