AMH 28.SPTUVTEK4000 Spectratek 500 watt UV LED Lamp 500 watt


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AMH 28.SPTUVTEK4000 Spectratek 500 watt UV LED Lamp 500 watt

Manufactured with an efficient and unique passive thermal management system. No fan or liquid cooled system.


  • It is equipped with a distance sensor and a digital control board.
  • The distance sensor allows the operator to adjust the lamp unit at the proper 300 mm from the curing surface.
  • The digital control board allows the selection and display of the curing parameters through a multi language interface.
  • Evenly cured surface up to 170 μm for customer satisfaction.
  • No degradation of UV over lifetime.
  • Higher accuracy due to incorporation of lenses and distance control.
  • Large, uniform curing area up to 600 mm x 600 mm.
  • High intensity curing up to 16 mW/cm².
  • Substantial cost saving over lifetime: Better margins up to 70% lower energy use.
  • Very long lifetime: No replacement cost.
  • No warm-up and cooldown time.
  • Passive cooling without parts and vents subject to wear.


 Supply Voltage  230VAC, 1PH
 Frequency (Hz)  50 / 60 Hz
 Fuse (A)  3.0A
 Input Apparent Power (VA)  700VA
 Electrical Power (W)  500W (125W by cassette)
 Optical Power  160W (40W by cassette)
 Total LED Power  340W (85W by cassette)
 Curing zone dimensions (mm)  24” x 52” (600mm x 1315 mm)
 Emitting zone dimensions (mm)  16” x 44” (400mm x 1115 mm)
 Maximum curing distance (mm)  12“ (300mm)
 Curing time (Sec)  <300 Seconds
 Average Irradiance (mW/cm²)  13.0mW/cm²
 Peak Irradiance (mW/cm²)  16.0mW/cm²
 Cooling System  Passive thermal management system
 LED lifetime (Hr)  +35,000 Hours
 Storage Temperature (ºC)  -40 ºC - +80 ºC
 Control System  Digital control (LCD screen + tactile membrane keypad)


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