AMH Spectratek 4000Sd 4Kw (200-240V) Single Head/4 Light Cassettes With Ramp Timer, Heat Sensor, And Distance Sensor


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AMH Spectratek 4000SD 4KW (200-240v) Single Head/4 Light Cassettes With Ramp Timer, Heat Sensor, and Distance Sensor

Thermal Integrated Sensor System (TISS) allows for fast set up and automatic regulation: Distance sensor emits audible tone for setting the proper distance from the panel. Heat sensor automatically adjusts the temperature throughout the curing process.

Short Wave IR Curing System for organic solvent based paint products and water based products. Less expensive to operate with better result and saves energy because drying can be focused on repaired area.

Features of a Spectratek Short Wave IR curing system:

  • Short, controlled curing times (Spectratek units cure a topcoat in about 7 minutes compared to 30-40 minutes for a convection aven).
  • Largest uniform cure area - no hot or cold spots.
  • Lower purchase and running costs than other conventional methods.
  • Full UL listing and CSA approval.
  • Highest quality components.
  • Compact, modular design.
  • Designed and built in North America.
  • Strong, stable, and rugged construction.
  • Efficient on space.
  • Easily moveable stand and effortless lamp unit adjustment, enable even the most inaccessible panels to be cured efficiently.
  • Built-in safety features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Designed for a long life and covered by a comprehensive warranty.
  • Robust, reliable electronics, designed for the harshest environment.

Get the highest quality paint job in the least amount of time and with the least cast... while conforming to environmental regulations.


A Model to Suit Y our Needs

Spectratek's Short Wave IR systems are designed to suit a wide range of applications. Spectratek offers the:

  • Spectratherm 400050 (4kW 200V-240V)
  • Spectratherm 400050 (4kW 380V-415V)
  • Spectratherm 4000H50 (8kW 200V-240V)
  • Spectratherm 4000H50 (8kW 380V-415V)
  • Spectratherm 800050 (8kW 200V-240V)
  • Spectratherm 800050 (8kW 380V-415V)
  • Spectratherm 8000H50 (16kW 200V-240V)
  • Spectratherm 8000H50 (16kW 380V-415V)

Solid Backing by Experts in the lndustry: The founders of Spectratek have years of experience in the automotive paint field and the highest level of technical expertise in Short Wave Infra-Red technology as it applies to the automotive industry. Spectratek is committed to developing the highest quality products and invests in extensive research, development, and testing. Ongoing research ensures that the products we develop will continue to effectively meet the needs of the Collision repair industry today and in the future. Ali Spectratek products are supported by fully qualified service and distribution facilities. Servicing can be conducted onsite to minimize downtime and cast. Contact Spectratek today.

With the advent of regulations controlling paint product emissions, water-based and high solids paint products are becoming more and more commonly used in auto repairs. These new paints require longer drying times than traditional products ... th at is, using traditional cu ring methods. The latest advance in curing technology, Short Wave Infrared (IR), is now available. Widely accepted in Europe, Short Wave IR and its unique benefits are fast becoming the industry standard worlwide.

Features of a Short Wave IR cu ring system compared to conventional methods:

  • Reduces curing times of organic solvent based
  • Paint products
  • Reduces drying times of water-based products
  • Instant on/off - no warm-up or cool-down periods
  • Dramatically less expensive to operate with better results
  • Saves energy because drying can be focused on repaired area, not the entire vehicle

Short Wave IR - Technology of the Future, Today

Short Wave IR is different from other curing methods in many ways. It dries and cures by penetrating through the wet coating and heating the layers underneath. A "bottom-up" cure is superior to the "top-down" process associated with other curing methods in that it produces a more thorough cure, and more heat can be applied without fear of skinning and solvent popping. Short Wave IR's higher heating temperatures reduce cure times and improve quality.


Spectratek Products Take the Next Step

Spectratek has taken the benefits of Short Wave IR technology and designed the most advanced curing system - with the highest value for the money. Extensive research, development and attention to the smallest detail ensure that every component of a Spectratek curing unit is of the highest quality and

  • Optimizes the quality of the curse
  • Speeds the drying time
  • Saves energy, and
  • Provides the utmost safety


Temperature on the painted surface: The temperature varies from 20°C to 90°C with l,OOOW light bulb. The temperature varies from 30°C to 180°C with 2,000W light bulb.

Efficient Lamp Units: The high-temperature halogen lamps, unique reflector and lamp array are ali positioned for absolutely uniform heat distribution over the largest curing area. In addition, individual lamps can be angled to more closely match the contours of the vehicle.


Thermal Integrated Sensor System: Spectratek's unique and state-of-the-art Thermal Integrated Sensor System (TISS) is available on the "S" series of Spectratek systems. TISS takes the guesswork out of sorne of the most critical aspects of proper curing.


  • TISS first helps you position the curing unit for optimum heating with an ultrasonic sensor.
  • This sensor beeps when the unit is too far away or too close, and then becomes a continuous tone when the unit is at the ideal
  •  Secondly, the integrated timer allows you to preset ramp times.
  • Thirdly, state of the art optical sensor and electronics regulate the heating temperature based on the panel temperature desired. The spectratek system independently maintains a constant temperature thereby ensuring the highest quality finish even with a novice operator, without fear of over baking heat sensitive substrates.


Effortless Lamp Unit Adjustment A gas cylinder locking allows an easy and effortless adjustment of the lamp unit.


Digital Ajustable Setup Unlike many units which only offer half-power and full-power options, Spectratek provides variable power settings. This flexibility helps ensure optimum baking of more sensitive materials such as sorne plastics, composite materials, fiberglass, and treated metals. * Analog adjustable setup also available





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