AMH Spectra-Jet Hand Held Single Head Unit


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AMH Spectra-Jet Hand Held Single Head Unit

SpectraJet 250 & 260 Waterborne Paint Hand - Held Air Dryver

Again one of the features of the unit is the ability to run on reduced air supplies and still achieve fast drying results. Another important feature is the trigger valve on the model 260, making it a one hand operation instead of the normal on/off valve.

The Spectra-Jet has undergone field trials and tests carried out by several major paint companies. The introduction of the hand-held version was driven by customer demand. If a small area of basecoat has not fully matted out it does not make sense to employ a large drying system, the hand-held Spectra-Jet is an ideal tool to complete the drying process.


 Example at low pressure  14 PSI (1 BAR) = 10.1 CFM (IN) 78.6 (OUT)
 Recommended working pressure range  1 to 4 BAR (14-60 PSI)
 Recommended distance from the panel  1m. (3.3 ft)