Zinko ZRH-204 20 Ton 4" Stroke Hollow Plunger Single Acting Cylinder

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Zinko ZRH-204 20 Ton 4" Stroke Hollow Plunger Single Acting Cylinder 

The 20 Ton 4" stroke General Purpose Hollow type Cylinders of our store are designed for use in a variety of applications where lifting, pushing, bending or holding may be required.Ideal for use in shop, agricultural, automotive/truck service, and construction maintenance.


  1. High-strength alloy steel construction.
  2. Chrome-plated piston rods resist wear and corrosion.
  3. Special bearing design helps prevent galling for long life and trouble-free performance.
  4. Plyrethane seals and wipers to reduce contamination, extending cylinder life.
  5. Hardened saddles keep top bearing and plunger from jamming.
  6. Saddle grooves help prevent slipping.
  7. Heavy-duty spring enables consistent fast plunger retraction.
  8. All models come with fast-flow quick-connectioin coupler and dust cap.
  9. May be used in any position. 1
  10. Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces.
  11. Country of Origin: Taiwan


Capacity (ton) 20 Ton
Min. Height (in) 9.54
Max. Height (in) 13.55
Base Area (in) 2.75