The Auto Dolly M998134 Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit (2 1/2" casters w/hrdwr)

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The Auto Dolly M998134 Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit (2 1/2" casters w/hrdwr)

The big difference between the Standard and Heavy Duty Auto Dolly is in the caster type and size. Our Heavy Duty Auto Dolly Casters are larger in diameter and outfitted with three beefy sets of bearings: One on the swivel and two on the axle. All of this adds up to three advantages over standard casters:

It takes less force to get things moving and keep them moving.
The larger diameter wheels also handle expansion joints better than the smaller ones.
Greater weight capacities than standard Auto Dolly sets: 10,000 lbs vs 6,000 lbs.
The Heavy Duty casters share the Standard casters' same non-marring polyolefin material that won't mark-up or peel your floor like steel wheels will.

Standard vs Heavy Duty Casters:

For those who have purchased the Standard Auto Dolly and now find that they need the higher weight capacities and easier rolling of the Heavy Duty Auto Dolly, we now have available a Caster Upgrade Kit. These are the same three bearing, non-marring polyurethane casters found on the Heavy Duty Auto Dolly. Simply remove your original standard casters and bolt these on.

Available as a Set of 4 (for upgrading a single Auto Dolly), Set of 8 (upgrades a pair), or a Set of 16 (upgrade an entire set of 4).

Heavy Duty Dolly 8 Caster Upgrade Kit:  M998134 (alternate part no. M350011KIT)

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy installation of the heavy duty casters
  • Have three sets of bearings
  • Holds 10,000 lbs. vs. 6,000 lbs.

Your Merrick Auto Dolly and attachments are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty