EMAX EP20H120V3PKG 20 HP Air Compressor with Dryer, 2 Stage, 3 Phase, 120 Gallon

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EMAX EP20H120V3PKG 20 HP Air Compressor with Dryer, 2 Stage, 3 Phase, 120 Gallon

This package contains:

(1) EMAX Premium 10 HP 3 PH 80 GALLON VERTICAL WITH AIR SILENCER-With Pressure Lube Pump

(1) EMAX 115CFM 115V Refrigerated Air Dryer


EMAX Industrial Plus 20 HP 3-Phase 2-Stage 120 gal Stationary Electric Air Compressor


This Industrial Plus 20 HP 2 Stage V4 3 Phase Horizontal 120 Gallon Piston Air Compressor is designed for up to 50,000 hours of commercial or industrial use with proper maintenance. This unit features our low RPM pumps and delivers 82 CFM @ 100 PSI. Our unit features automatic or continuous run functionality and is SUPER COOL & SUPER QUIET!


  • Pumps are SUPER quiet in operation and built to last!
  • Solid cast iron crankcase.
  • Precision balanced solid cast iron crankshaft
  • Timken-Style stainless steel roller bearings on the front and rear of the crankshaft
  • Removable 100% cast iron cylinders
  • Built-in fan, head unloaders, inter-cooler and after-coolers.
  • Top quality compression and oil rings
  • Precision ground pistons machined to tight tolerances ensures low oil carry over.
  • One of the lowest RPM compressor pumps on the market. That’s the Emax difference!
  • Not only do you get the big CFM output, but the lower RPM operation also reduces friction and heat buildup to extend pump life!
  • These units have name brand OPD (open drip motors) on them. They carry a 5 Year warranty.
  • Large 1-3/8” output shaft
  • High quality ball bearings on the front and rear of the motor shaft
  • Large starting and running capacitors
  • 15 Service Factor load. This means the motor can be pulled 15% over full load for more break horsepower
  • Dynamically balanced armature for low vibration levels
  • Automatic Belt Tensioner will allow you to adjust the tension and alignment of your belts with ease and in just minutes.
  • Belt guards built right here in the USA with 13 G steel and premium grade expanded metal
  • For your safety, our belt guards are OSHA approved.
  • This unit has a prewired condor starter and pressure switch built into one. Features an actuation- type diaphragm.
  • Our air tanks are manufactured right here in the USA and are ASME code compliant in 50 states including California.
  • Automatic Tank Drain with Integrated Dual Timer will do this maintenance for you automatically on the time intervals you set to ensure that the condensation is removed
  • 100% brass ASME safety valves with Teflon Seating
  • Extended tank water drain pipe plumbed out the front of the unit with a ¼” ball valve handle for easy tank draining.
  • Prewired magnetic starter.
  • “Continuous run” feature that maximizes performance and reduces wear on the internal components of your motor
  • Automatic start/stop operation
  • Taper lock style 2-groove pulleys (not single groove).
  • We also use dual 2-groove, B-Style belts to drive our pumps.


 CFM @ 100 PSI  82
 Compressor Stage  Two
 Pump RPM  600
 Pump Material  Solid Cast Iron
 Pump Model  APP4V2598TP
 Motor RPM  1750
 Motor Phase  Three
 Voltage available  208/230/460 available on order
 Tank Size  120 Gallon
 Tank orientation  Horizontal
 Tank Outlet Size  2"
 Tank Drain  Timed Automatic
 Certifications  CSA, ASME,ETL
 Warranty  1 Year Standard, 5 Year Extended, Lifetime Extended
 Running AMP  48 AMP @ 208/230 VOLT- 24 AMP @ 460 VOLT
 Recommended Breaker  70 AMP @ 208/230- 35 AMP @ 460 VOLT
 Max PSI  175
 Oil Capacity  4 Quarts
 Drive Type  Belt Driven
 Tank Size  120 Gallon



EMAX 115CFM 115V Refrigerated Air Dryer

Our EMAX air dryer is the only energy efficient dryer systems with aluminum refrigerated air inner cooler. The air is filtered of all solid particles 0.01 micron and larger.  Clean, dry compressed air leaving the dryer minimizes maintenance and repair and also reduces internal dryer contamination. We designed them with Non-corrosive inner and after cooler.

Our dryers feature stainless steel heat exchanger for maximum dryer life and less maintenance. EMAX Air dryers are UL-CSA approved scroll compressor & electric system for high efficiency and durability. They feature adjustable hot bypass for complete dryer function in low and high CFM flow preventing dryer freeze up.

Keep Water, Oil, And Dirt Out of Your Compressed Air, Less corrosion of pipes and tools. Avoid splotches & stains.

Energy Efficient Aluminum Refrigerated Air Cooling System, Designed for maximum performance and efficiency.

Rust Free, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, Maximum heat transfer, maximum dryer life & less maintenance

Refrigerated Air Inlet Inner Cooler, Provides trouble free operation for high temp cooling

Compact And Efficient, Great for 10HP systems, 115 CFM

Easy To Instal, Uses 120V single-phase power, no special wiring needed


  • Purifies compressed air by chilling to condense moisture
  • Condensate is drained carrying oil & dirt partials away from the air
  • Auto drain system – eliminates the need for daily maintenance
  • Refrigerant pressure – gauge clearly monitors performance of dew point temp (models under 400 CFM)
  • PLC Display (models 400 CFM & above)
  • Outlet air baffle heater –  prevents condensation on outlet air piping
  • Heavy duty steel cabinet
  • Trouble free operation refrigerated air inlet inner cooler for high temp cooling
  • Top mounted condenser & fan motor
  • Environmentally friendly 134A refrigerant
  • Auto Drain System
  • Refrigerant Pressure Gauge
  • Outlet Air Baffle Heater


 CFM  115
 Dimensions LxWxH  16" x 18" x 30"
 Product Weight  150
 Voltage 60HZ  115
 Amp Draw  11
 Dew Point (degrees F)  37-50
 Pipe Size:Inlet & Outlet (inch.)  1 1/2"
 Max Ambient Temp.(degrees F)  122
 Refrigerant Type  R-134A
 Max Rated Inlet Temp (degrees F)  140
 Dryer Drain  Built in automatic
 Dryer Filtration  Built in coalescing Filter


EMAX Air Dryers Instructions Manual

EMAX Piston Manual

Air Compressor Pumps Operating Instruction

EC10 – TB100 BD




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