Mastercool COMMANDR3000 Auto-Hybrid R134A Rrr Machine


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Mastercool COMMANDR3000 Auto-Hybrid R134A Rrr Machine

Mastercool USA introduces its new ARCTIC COMMANDER line of RRR machines. Equipped with the latest technology, all models come standard with an 8” color touch screen command center. The graphic interface will enable navigation through all of the functions and features with the greatest of ease. There is no longer a need to read any external instructions or paper manuals, simply sit back and watch as the information is played on the color command center.

The Arctic Commander series of machines incorporate a powerful windows based tablet, making database and software upgrades a breeze. Wi-Fi capability allows for real time, interactive communication. The pre-installed team viewer program lets our technicians access any machine throughout the world to aid with any troubleshooting issues.

Keeping the busy technician in mind, the Arctic Commander machines provide enhanced features such as an on board conversion calculator and self-diagnostic check. The conversion calculator allows for the immediate conversion between pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms.  The self-diagnostic check can be performed with a simply touch of a button.



  • Design certified for compliance with SAE J2788.
  • 8” Color Command Center with Touch Screen.
  • 6 CFM Vacuum Pump.
  • Automatic and Manual Procedures.
  • On-board Instruction Manual.
  • Refrigerant Database.
  • Multiple Languages.
  • Automatic Vacuum Leak Test: Programmable.
  • On-board Unit Conversion Calculator.
  • Auto Oil Discharge.
  • New Cabinet Design for Increased Air Flow.
  • Auto and Manual Air Purge.
  • Large Analog Gauges.
  • Auto Filter and Full Tank Alarm.
  • Hard Wired Power Cord.
  • Low Refrigerant Alarm.
  • Hose Coupler Storage.
  • Solid Durable Wheels with Locking Casters.
  • Thermal Printer with E-Printing Capability.
  • Multi-colored LED Status Bar.
  • Hose Flushing.
  • Self-Diagnostic Check.
  • Vehicle A/C System Flushing.
  • Wi-Fi Capable.
  • Cylinder Heater.
  • Mastercool Dust Cover.


 Type of Refrigerant  R1234a
 Service Procedure  Fully automatic or manual
 Voltage  110 V / 60 Hz
 Scale Resolution  .02 lb (10g)
 Oil Scale Resolution  .01 lb (5 g)
 Working Temperature Range  50/120 ºF (10/49 ºC)
 Filter System  2 filter for cleaning and water removal
 Vacuum Pump  6 CFM (142 liter/min)
 Compressor  Hermetically sealed, 12cc, high pressure
 Recovery Speed  95% at 70 to 75 ºF (21 to 24 ºC) <30 minutes
 Recovery Cylinder  30 lb (12.5 liters), refillable
 Charge Accuracy  ±0.5 oz. at 70 to 75 ºF (±15 g at 21 to 24 ºC)
 Hoses  96” (250cm)
 Couplers  R1234a Manual
 Thermal Printer  Standard Equipment
 Pressure Gauges  Class 1
 Cylinder Temperature Sensor  Integrated
 Cylinder Heater  Standard Equipment
 Dimensions  38″ (l) x 32″ (w) x 53″ (h)
 Weight  238 lbs