AMH Spectratek InstaCure 50mm UVLED Cordless & Handheld High Performance UV-A-LED Curing Lamp


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Factory Shipped. Delivery Time: 5-8 Business Days

AMH Spectratek InstaCure 50mm (2”) curing distance UVLED Cordless & Handheld High Performance UV-A-LED Curing Lamp

AMH Canada Ltd presents a complete line of UV-A curing lamps designed and developed with the most advanced LED technology.

Working from its state-of-the-art research and testing facilities in Canada, a top team of designers, technicians and LED experts created - in cooperation with coating industries - the SPECTRATEK UVLED lamps destined to revolutionize UV-A curing in the car body repair industry.

Faster, safer and more efficient than any other conventional UV curing system for automotive repair and industrial finishes.

The primary advantage of curing finishes with ultraviolet lies with the speed in which the final product can be readied for delivery.

In addition to speeding up production, UV curing can also reduce flaws and errors. The amount of time that dust, insects, or any airborne object has to settle on the painted surface is greatly reduced. This will improve the finish quality.

The SPECTRATEK UVLED curing lamps are environmentally-frieldy with a low energy consumption.

What is UV?


Ultraviolet (UV) light is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 100nm to 400nm, shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays. Though usually invisible, under some conditions children and young adults can see ultraviolet down to wavelengths of about 310nm.

UV radiation is present in sunlight, and produced by electric arcs and specialized light such as mercury-vapor lamps, tanning lamps, and black lights. Although lacking the energy to ionize atoms, long-wavelength ultraviolet radiation can cause chemical reactions, and cause many substances to glow or fluoresce. Consequently, biological effects of UV are greater than simple heating effects, and many practical applications of UV radiation derive from its interactions with organic molecules.


  • Rechargable battery type: Li-ion 18.5 VOLT - 3,000mAh.
  • Battery charge cycles life: 1,000 cycles.
  • Battery autonomy: 2 hours.
  • Battery charger: 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz, Short circuit/Overload protection.
  • LED type: High power LED.
  • LED lamp wattage: 55 watts.
  • Wavelength: 395nm (UV-A only)
  • Weight: 1,85 kg (4 lbs)

@50mm (2”) curing distance

  • Curing zone dimensions: 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”)
  • Emitting zone dimensions: 80mm x 80mm (3-1/5” x 3-1/5”)
  • Curing time: 8-60 seconds.
  • Average Irradiance: 112.8 mW/cm2
  • Peak Irradiance: 200.0 mW/cm2
  • Body lamp material: Aluminium.
  • Cooling system: passive thermal management system enhanced with fan.
  • LED lifetime: +35,000 hours.
  • Storage temperature (C): -40C + 80C

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