Ranger Products: Optimum Quality Wheel and Tire Equipment


Being in the automotive repair industry means always having to stay up to date with manufacturers as well as new technologies created to make life easier for shop owners. For that reason we here at JMC Automotive Equipment work with a wide array of manufacturers to ensure we have a solution for every shop owner looking to bring new equipment to their shop.

One of the manufacturers we’ve worked with since day 1 has been Bendpak and their sub-division, Ranger Products. This week we analyze Ranger Products, their wheel and tire maintenance equipment and why they are one of our top sellers.

Ranger Products

The name, Bendpak has been around since 1965 and have since then managed to permeate the automotive equipment industry with its long line of innovative products. In 1997 Bendpak unveiled a new division of quality automotive equipment and named this division, Ranger Products. Having entered the industry with the support of Bendpak, Ranger entered a highly competitive world, the world of wheel service.

Ranger’s current product offering consists of tire and wheel service equipment; hydraulic jacks, cranes and stands; stool storage and benches; spray wash systems and a wide selection of specialty service tools. So without further adieu, here’s, Ranger Products: Optimum Quality Wheel and Tire Equipment.

Wheel Service

Tire Changers

Ranger’s line of tire changers can be found in many large American garages and shops and these guys really innovate when it comes to their tire changers. Always looking for new ways to make this tedious act easier and faster for techs and enthusiasts alike.

  • R745 Tire Changer - If you require a rigid (tower) tire machine to handle the needs of your heavy volume shop, we suggest you give the Ranger R745 RimGuard 21” Capacity Entry -Level Tire Changer a second look. It has a high-torque electric turntable (with increased speed and reversible direction), and enhanced bead breaker arm (increases the mechanical strength and assures years of dependable service and performance), forged steel foot pedal levers (trust me, you’re going to need it if you own a high volume shop), specially engineered drive-belt (that distribute wear evenly) and last but not least, the R745 is safe and easy to use.


  • R980AT/ATF - The Ranger R980AT/ATF are part of Ranger’s new line of tire changers or “NextGen” which are built stronger, faster, safer and easier to use than their predecessors. This tire changer performs masterfully on a wide variety of wheels, including every OEM configurations and performance tire and wheel configurations. Its specialty however is its power assist tower that help when mounting low profile performance tires.


  • R76LT- This professional grade Ranger R76LT is a tilt-tower machine large turntable that provides an internal clamping capacity of 28”. It has a sturdy body, rigid 45mm hexagonal vertical shaft and hardened-steel horizontal support arm that eliminates flex during tire service procedures to reduce the chances of damaging your most expensive wheels. With the R76LT you also get ergonomic controls that are sensibly placed to minimize excessive reaching, walking or bending which means more jobs per day. This tire changer will greatly benefit your shop as it will increase both productivity and profits.


  • R80DTXF- The R80DTXF is an upgraded version of one of the first tire changers to gain global acclaim, the R26DT. With this machine you get the same rugged reliability but with more features and increased capability. It features a variable speed turntable, hand-operated bead loosener and an automatic bead lifter. 

Wheel Balancers

Wheel balancers made by Ranger feature rugged construction, heavy-duty steel body and solid electronics that you can depend on. Ranger has been developing wheel balancers for almost two decades and have brought to the industry machines such as the Ranger RB24T, DST64T and the DST-2420. They’ve all accomplished more than they were asked to in the reliability, precision and repeatability departments.

  • RB24T- Ranger’s RB24T is a heavyweight wheel balancer that’s suited for higher volume commercial tire dealers as well as truck fleets. It sets itself apart from rival truck wheel balancers because it features a REAL FAST start up and REAL FAST braking speeds. Many cheap brands will advertise truck wheel balancers when in fact they just manufacture standard balancers with larger mounting cones. This is one of the industry’s only actual truck wheel balancers built exactly for trucks.


  • ZR650 - The ZR650 wheel balancer features a technology known as Digital-Sensor which is a highly accurate sensor system that increases productivity by reducing floor-to-floor times and minimizing come-backs. It also has a direct axis drive system where accuracy is its main virtue. This system is accurate to within hundredths of an ounce which ensure wheels are balanced vibration free. 

Wheel Aligners

Ranger’s line of wheel aligners (the premium CRT) set the industry standard for user friendliness, accuracy and speed. Ranger’s wheel aligners use 8-CCD cameras and infrared light sources. They’re also capable of accurately determining angles and calculations to a high degree of precision.

  • CRT380R- Ranger’s CRT380R Wheel Aligner is a highly accurate, 4-wheel, wireless wheel alignment system for domestic and imported cars as well as trucks. Ranger kept in mind factors such as simplicity and speed when designing this machine. It features 8-CCD technology, Bluetooth data transfer and Ranger’s refined proSpec wheel alignment software.


Brake Lathes

By now you’ve probably realized that Ranger Products is synonymous with high quality wheel and tire equipment and their brake lathes are a great investment for any garage or shop. They’re quick, rugged, precise and feature multiple adjustable feed rates at the turn of the dial.

  • RL8500 - Many of the industry’s brake lathes have the same problem. Vibration and chatter transfer that directly affects the tool-tip and leaves an imperfect cut on the machined service. Ranger’s RL-8500 brake lathe is specifically designed to address that issue by getting rid of the need for gear driven mechanical drives and variable-speed transmission devices. It’s also available in its heavy-duty form, the RL-8500XLT.


Tire Repair

Tire repair is sometimes your best option and for that reason you need to make sure that you have reliable equipment to back you up.

  • RV-80L - With the RV-80L tire vulcanizer you can repair tire threads, shoulder and sidewall areas of passenger tires, light truck tires and commercial truck tires with no hassle. It has a one-man operation, a fully rotating C-frame to accommodate different wheel sizes, adjustable height tower, 5 contoured heat pads and unparalleled easy operation.


  • TS-150 - The height adjustable tire spreader lifts tires quicker to a more convenient work height which ensures your comfort. Its heavy duty rollers permit tires to rotate freely, while the adjustable spreader forks accommodate both narrow or wide tread widths. This convenient tire spreader is the perfect accessory for any well functioning garage or shop.


With their motto being, “innovate or disintegrate”, Ranger Products has managed to create an impressive line of wheel and tire equipment that is used in shops all over the world. Since day 1, their goal has been to reach the recognition that Bendpak garnered through years of hard work and believe me, they have. Just browse through our brands section, head over to where it says Ranger, and you’ll witness the wide selection of high quality products that you know will be a great addition to your garage our shop.