HD-9XW Extra Tall Four Post: BendPak's Top Dog Goes Even Higher

If you've been following along on the JMC blog for a while, you probably already know how much we love the BendPak HD-9 four post lift. But just in case it isn't clear: we really, really freakin' love this BendPak lift! Easy to install. Easy to use. Top to bottom, it's so evident how much research, effort and engineering went into this phenomenal piece of garage equipment. And we're definitely not alone in that opinion. Since the HD-9 BendPak four poster work and storage lift first came on the market, the automotive world has been raving about its build-quality, efficiency and storage capabilities. It literally raised the bar for DIY/professional crossover garage lifts.

As a four-post lift, the HD-9 four post lift pulls double duty as both a working lift and a storage lift. And while the standard HD-9 BendPak Lift sports a healthy maximum rise of 74.5 inches, larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs--or simply taller people--might benefit from a little extra head room. Enter, the HD-9XW Extra Tall BendPak Lift.

Bendpak HD-9XW
The key differentiator when it comes to the Bendpak HD-9XW automotive lift is the full extra foot BendPak added to its max lifting height, meaning you can lift a car all the way up to 82 inches off the shop floor. Now you have all the room you need for storing larger vehicles beneath the runways when you aren't working on them, and a whole bunch extra head room when you are working on them.

The thing is, the BendPak HD-9XW tall lift is still an HD-9 lift with all the great features BendPak packed into the original. So you still have that perfect parking spot width with 100 1/4 inches between the posts. You also get the incredible benefit of BendPak engineering in the taller HD-9XW car lift. That means the HD-9XW extra tall lift features dual-hub cable sheaves, multi-level locking positions, heavy-duty aircraft cable, an industrial-grade under-runway hydraulic cylinder, extra-stable base-plates, longer approach ramps, 12 fine-tuned locking positions, an ultra-protective powder coat finish and automatic safety locks that kick into action when needed.

Speaking of safety, BendPak has a record of being extremely concerned with keeping their customers safe and secure when operating automotive equipment. So just modifying the standard HD-9 to be taller and calling it a day was NOT and option. Instead, they worked together with ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) to test and certify the extra tall HD-9XW for maximum safety and stability. Granted, not everyone thinks that's important. But the mere fact that BendPak bothered to take the time and money to go through third party testing with a niche piece of automotive equipment shows that they wanted to make sure they made the extra-tall HD-9XW the best they could. And that should make anyone feel good.

If you've been looking for an incredibly sturdy automotive lift and storage solution but have been discouraged by the lack of height out there, you've just run out of excuses. The extra tall Bendpak HD-9XW lift is every bit as legendary as the classic HD-9, with the added benefit of extra height for you and your vehicles.