USED JBC Alignment Computer Model V2300 with Moveable Camera and AC400 Clamps

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USED JBC Alignment Computer Model V2300 with Moveable Camera and AC400 Clamps

*Image is only for reference

The V2300 brings together a classic, robust design with productivity-boosting software and high-speed camera technology to quickly and accurately align a variety of vehicle types.

The John Bean V2300 wheel aligner is designed  to be an effective solution at the core of your shop’s operations by including advanced dimensions such as wheel diameter, cross dimensions, and aftermarket OEM procedures.

With high-end features and without the high-end price, the V2300 is a perfect balance of old-school quality and new-school tech.


  • AC400 CLAMPS: The clamp attaches to the tyre with optimal force without touching the rim; ensuring a safe, fast, and consistent clamping experience.
  • ADVANCED DIMENSIONS: Cross Dimensions measurements identify frame or structural damage before alignment adjustments are made. Wheel Diameter identifies mismatched tyre sizes, a potential cause of vehicle pulling and drive train damage.
  • MODIFIED VEHICLES: Ensure accurate alignment for vehicles that have modified OEM specifications with our advanced alignment software that allows for effortless changes in procedure flow.
  • OEM PROCEDURES: The software provides the recommended procedures defined by the manufacturer and indicates the correct clamps for an accurate OEM-specified wheel alignment.
  • WHEELS OFF ADJUSTMENT: Remove the wheel and attach the target directly to a brake rotor for easier access to adjustment.


 Part Number  V2300
 Tyre Diameter (AC400)  19″-39″ | 48-99cm
 Track Width  48″-96″ | 122-244cm
 Wheelbase  79″-180″ | 201-457cm
 Power Supply  110-240V 50/60Hz


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