Huth 1379 Half Shoe 2-7/8


Factory Shipped, call 800-562-4791 for availability.

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Shipping Calculated at Checkout

Factory Shipped, call 800-562-4791 for availability.

Huth 1379 Half Shoe 2-7/8

Half Shoes (1 Required)
*(1) 855 Pin Required

*Each piece is sold separately

1027  12
1029  58
1035  34
1085  0.840”
1031  78
1002  0.922”
1037  1”
1005  1.050”
1033  118
1016  1.163”
1039  114
1356  1516
1041  138
1038  112
1042  158
1040  134
1043  178
1045  2”
1051  218***
4416  214**
4437  238**
4410  212**
1236  234**
1379  278**
1352  3”**
 **4” Thick
1405  40mm
1425  42mm
1455  45mm
1448  48mm
1450  50mm
1051  54mm***
1445  55mm
1460  60mm
 ***218 = 54mm





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