Lisle 61980 Stripped Screw Extractor Set 10 pc.


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Factory Shipped.

Lisle 37410 Ford Camshaft Alignment Kit

Six Lobed Spiral Bits are Designed to Remove Rounded or Stripped Fasteners with Internal Drive Heads.

Ten sizes of extractors fit Torx® and Torx Plus® sizes T-10 to T-55; internal hex sizes 7/64" to 3/8" and 3mm to 10mm. Will also work on other internal drive screw heads. To remove broken bolts, drill a pilot hole for the appropriate size extractor. Choose the extractor that fits snugly in the fastener. Turn counter-clockwise to remove fastener. It may be necessary in some applications to drive the extractor into the fastener with a hammer for maximum torque.

Patent: 8,448,547

Available Individually:

Part NumberDescription
62010 Extractor #1
62020 Extractor #2
62030 Extractor #3
62040 Extractor #4
62050 Extractor #5
62060 Extractor #6
62070 Extractor #7
62080 Extractor #8
62090 Extractor #9
62100 Extractor #10

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