JET Tools AC2200 General Productivity Pack for 40TC-100T IW

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JET Tools AC2200 General Productivity Pack for 40TC-100T IW

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our Ironworker's General Productivity Pack. This comprehensive package includes punches and dies capable of producing round holes in various sizes, ranging from 3/16" to 1-1/16". Adaptability is key, and we have you covered with precise options for your specific needs.

Boost your productivity with advanced features designed to streamline your workflow. The back gauge, equipped with a positive stop attachment, ensures accurate shearing up to 48". Say goodbye to guesswork and enjoy the efficiency of repeatable cuts with the adjustable stop for the flat bar shear and angle shear. Our punch and die storage tray, conveniently mounted on either side of the output shoot, keeps your tools organized and within reach for optimal productivity.

Safety is a top priority our super bright LED light with M12 connections provides exceptional visibility, with a powerful magnetic base that attaches to any Ironworker surface, allowing you to move it as needed.

Performance is at the heart of our product. Constructed from durable steel, our General Productivity Pack is built to withstand the demands of heavy-duty usage, ensuring a long lifespan. With an impressive average of 3,000 to 5,000 impacts, you can rely on our tools to deliver consistent results and keep up with your high-performance requirements.

Invest in the Ironworker's General Productivity Pack today and unlock a new level of flexibility, productivity, safety, and performance. Empower yourself with the tools and features needed to excel in your ironworking endeavors.


  • Contains Punches and Dies to produce the following size round holes: 3/16 in to 1-1/16 in.
  • The 48" Back Gauge speeds up production on repeatable cuts by providing an adjustable stop for the flat bar shear and angle shear.
  • Punch and Die Storage Tray easily mounts to either side of the output shoot.
  • A Gauging table kit includes adjustable fences and handles quickly and easily guide your material for perfect repeatable actions.
  • The Fabricator’s protractor increase accuracy on the punch and flat bar shear workstations by guiding your work piece and is gauged at 15° increments.
  • Super bright LED light with M12 connections has a powerful magnetic base allowing users to attach the light to any Ironworker surface and move as needed.




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