Corghi A5000 with arm Touchless Tire Changer (Elect. Only)


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Corghi A5000 with arm Touchless Tire Changer (Elect. Only)

New automatic tire changer with “Leva la leva” (without lever) technology for SUV and commercial vehicle wheels up to 28”. The new demounting tool with Lite Smart Corghi System movement reduces the stress on the tire and NEVER touches the rim.

Numerous Technical Innovations:

  • Dynamic bead breaking device with double bead breaker disc
  • Newly designed head unit (Patent Pending)
  • Wheel clamping with wheel support plate
  • Optimized performance
  • Reinforced structure
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • User-friendly commands

All of this means a faster operating speed without risks for the operator and the rims, even during the most critical phases, plus great ease of use and universality - for equipment whose features can be used to the fullest.


  • Available in electric only.
  • Console: Intuitive and complete — the multifunctional control console contains all the operating controls. Ideal for dynamic bead breaking and for rim and tyre match mounting, thanks to the two dual control discs.
  • Dynamic Bead Breaking Device with Dual Specular Bead Breaker Disc: The radial positioning of the discs is made easier by an automatism that is able to prevent any manual positioning by the operator.
  • Controlled Penetration (Patented): Precision, rapidity and repeatability are guaranteed by the patented bead breaking system and by the perfectly synchronized and symmetrical motions of the two discs.
  • Quick Demounting procedure for the second bead, thanks to the movement of our patented disc that’s particularly suitable for tires with hard walls.
  • Moto-Inverter Drive System: The right torque for every speed during rotation.
  • Wheel Lifter: The lifter positions any type of tire on the turntable without effort.
  • Mounting and Demounting Head Unit with an Innovative TOUCHLESS Solution (Patent Pending): The newly designed and patented automatically positioned head allows the tire to be mounted and demounted in a very simple way without ever touching the rim (TOUCHLESS), and reduces the stress on the tire during the most critical phases.
  • Tilting Mounting Tool: Thanks to a specific command, the tilting demounting tool ensures the quick, effective positioning of the head. This means great speed and efficient performance.
  • Emergency Hook: The rotation of the tool makes it easier to install the bead on the rim (for extra-soft tires).
  • Bead Depressor with Adjustable Working Height: The depressor shape is ideal for Run Flat tires and can also be used to hold the tire up.
  • Ergonomics: Machine working height designed to obtain perfect ergonomic movement with all wheel types - ideal for all operators.


Technical Data AM5000 Artiglio 5000
 Corghi Part Number  0-11118834/00
Wheel Dimension Range
 Rim Diameter  13″ - 28″
 Maximum Tire Diameter  47″ (1200 mm)
 Maximum Tire Width  15″ from wheel supporting base
 Tire Types Processed  Conventional, Low Profile, and Run Flat
 Clamping  Mechanical / Manual
 Drive System  2-Speed Moto-Inverter
 Rotation Torque  811 ft/lbs (1100 Nm)
 Rotation Speed  7 - 18 rpm
Bead Breaker
 Maximum Bead Breaking Range  26″ (670 mm)
 Bead Breaker Stroke  21.25″ (540 mm)
 Bead Breaking Force  1708 lbf (7600 N)
Wheel Loading/Unloading 
 Operation  Pneumatic
 Maximum Wheel Weight  187 lbs (85 kg)
Power Supply
 Electric 1 Ph  230 V - 0.98 kW, 50/60 Hz
 Electric 1 Ph (alternative)  110 V - 0.98 kW, 50/60 Hz
 Minimum Pneumatic Operating Pressure  116 psi (8 bar)
 Weight (with bead depressor and wheel lifter)  937 lbs (425 kg)


Instruction Manual
Spec Sheet

CORGHI USA Limited Warranty

General Terms

Corghi USA expressly warrants its products will be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for the time period specified. Corghi USA must be informed in writing within 7 days after discovery of a defect. Corghi USA reserves the right to repair or replace a product at our discretion. Co nsumable products and accessories such as but not limited to; plastic protection parts, bead breaker pads, inflation hoses, and rollers, are not covered under this warranty.
This warranty does not cover any damage resulting from abuse or failure to perform any necessary maintenance (i.e. damage due to or resulting from, faulty installation, neglect, misuse, improper electrical connections or electrical surges, problems resulting from excessive water, contaminated air system, or pollutant of any nature, fire or freight damage).

Corghi machines are warranted to be free of defects as follows:
Tire Changers:

A2030, A2024TI, 2024TI LL, A9824TI, A9824 LLTI, A9830, A9222TI, Service Pro 124, Service Pro 324 - 2 year parts and 1 year labor. Transmission – 10 year part only (5 year part only on 9220TI).
AM50, AM500, AM5000, AM26, Master J, Master Code, Master28 – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.
HD700, AG52L, HD1200, Monster TT – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.
NOTE: Rubber Pads, air lines, gauges, mount/demount heads, and swabs - 90 day warranty

Tire Balancers:

PL60, Service Pro 750, EM9250, EM9280, EM9580, EM9550, EM9980C, Eyelight – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.
ET66, ET88 – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.

Alignment Machines/Specialty Equipment:

2 year parts and 1 year labor.

Disclaimer & Limitation on Liability.

Corghi USA agreement to repair a tire changer or balancer is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express, implies or statutory, including any warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Corghi USA maximum liability shall be limited to the cost of the machine. In no event shall Corghi USA be responsible for owner’s lost profits, goodwill or other incidental or consequential damages. Corghi USA is not responsible for equipment or accessories damages in shipment. Freight claims are to be made directly with the carrier. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions regarding filing claims.