Mahle CML-9x8 CML-9x8 - 76 ton (152,000 lb.) Commercial Vehicle Mobile Column Lift - Wireless (Set of 8)


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Mahle CML-9x8 CML-9x8 - 76 ton (152,000 lb.) Commercial Vehicle Mobile Column Lift - Wireless (Set of 8)


  • Intelligent patented wireless smart lift technology.
  • Simple tablet-based touch screen with onboard manuals, videos, and internet.
  • Broad application, heavy-duty through light-duty vehicles.
  • Fully adjustable carriage, 12" forks supports wheel diameter from 5" to 24.5".
  • Patent-pending down-stop visual safety system.
  • Adjustable lift height up to 69" (1753 mm).
  • 24-volt mobile column, with a wide, adjustable carriage for over-sized tire engagement.
  • Features the industry's original wireless communication system, state of the art touch screen graphic control system, and a patented self-centering adjustable carriage, providing the user with the most reliable and safe lifting environment.
  • No external wires or cords providing clear and safe access to the undercarriage of the vehicle.
  • When used at full operating height, the user is provided with a lift height of 69 inches of free-and-clear access perfect for preventative maintenance; transmission removal and installation; clutch replacements; and with singe and paired operation. make easy work of axle, brake, and wheel work.


 Certification  ALI Certified
 Capacity (Each)  19,000 lb (8,165 kg)
 Max. Hydraulic Operating Pressure  2,600 psi (17.9 MPa)
 Min/Max Wheel Diameter  5 in / 24.5 in (127 mm / 622 mm)
 Min (2)/Max (4) Lift Height  32 in / 69 in (813 mm / 1,753 mm)
 Lift Speed (Max Load)   60 in/min (1,524 mm/min)
 Weight  1,510 lb (685 kg)
 Height  88.5 in (2,248 mm)
 Height at Full Lift   (157.13 in (3,991 mm)
 Operating Peak Power  4 HP (3 kW)
 Operating Voltage   24 VDC Nominal
 Charger Voltage Required  70-130 VAC @50-60 Hz


Additional Sets - Sold Separately

CML-9 - 9.5 Ton Wireless Mobile Column Lift
CML-9 X 4 - 38 Ton Wireless Mobile Column Lift - Set of 4
CML-9 X 6 - 57 Ton Wireless Mobile Column Lift - Set of 6


Operation Manual

Warranty Policy

For Workshop units = It is 1 year for parts and labor.

For ShopPro (lifts and jacks) = lifetime warranty from defective materials and workmanship. Other than that 1 year as far as wearable parts go.

For Parts = It is 90 days.

It is important to always evaluate with Tech Support about every warranty issue. For that, call 800-562-4791 for getting help.