Wheel Balancing: It's Not Just an Upsell It's a Need

Wheel Balancing: It's Not Just an Upsell, It's a Need

Does your steering wheel shake whenever you hit a certain high speed? Does it make your seat or floorboard vibrate as well? Does it feel like your car is bouncier than normal even when you’re cruising along a smooth, concrete road? If you’ve experienced any of these, there’s a good chance that your wheels are out of balance.

wheel balancing

What is wheel balance?

Wheel balance refers to the distribution of the vehicle weight throughout the wheel. Wheels and tires have standard constructions but once joined, they often create an imbalance. This causes the uncomfortable vibration you’ve been feeling while driving or riding in the passenger seat. Technicians clip tiny metal weights on strategic locations along the wheel’s rim to restore balance.

wheel balance

Why do you need it?

It’s important to have your wheels checked for balance because they will strain the coil springs and suspension components otherwise. This can prematurely damage your car’s suspension and steering systems.

So, the next time your mechanic offers to balance your wheel, don’t think it’s just an upsell. It’s an important part of car maintenance that we at JMC Equipment believe car owners should be more aware of. Therefore, we included wheel balancers in our product inventory.

When and how often should you check for wheel balance?

Upon Installation

The best time for wheel balancing is each time you get a new set of tires or rims. Adding hubcaps normally don’t affect balance unless they weight more than 4lbs each.

Signs of Wear-and-Tear

Uneven tire wear-and-tear also compromises wheel balance. This happens when the wheels are misaligned or if there’s something wrong with the suspension, to begin with. Very high or very low tire pressure can also affect balance.

signs of wear and tear

Recommended Mileage Threshold

Most automotive experts recommend doing it every 5,000 miles or as soon as you start feeling the vibrations and bounciness while driving. Also, when you purchase new sets of wheels, take note of the manufacturer’s recommendation on when to check them for balance.

Tips for Auto Repair Shops and Business Owners

tips for owners

If you own an auto repair shop, give your clients the points presented above if they are hesitant about getting their wheels checked. Moreover, we have several digital, portable, and LCD wheel balancer options at JMC Equipment to help you out.

If you are a business owner with your own fleet of service and utility vehicles, add a wheel balancer to your arsenal of tools and equipment, too. With our seven brands and four categories to choose from, you’ll find a wheel balancer that suits your fleet and clientele.

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