Symptoms of Out-of-Balance Tires

According to NHTSA statistics, an average of 11,000 motor vehicle crashes yearly result from tire issues. Not only that, but an average of 600 people will lose their lives in these tire-related crashes.

So, don’t wait until you render your tires unusable, and do regular inspections. To help you learn more about tire issues, we will now discuss the causes and signs of an out-of-balance tire and whether they pose a threat.

Causes of Unbalanced Tires

Unbalanced tires are a common issue and an easy fix. However, the key to solving it is identifying the problem early on. Learning about the causes is a great first step as you can work on reducing the chances of throwing your tires out of balance in the future.

So, here are the six most frequent causes of unbalanced tires:

  • Impact and accidents
  • Bumpy roads
  • Careless driving
  • Mismatched tires
  • Wear and tear
  • Heavy and intolerable load

The Signs of Out-of-Balance Tires

Knowing the causes of unbalanced tires is not enough - you should also learn the common signs. Luckily, noticing that your tires are out of balance is easy.

The many wheel balance symptoms can help you address the issue in a timely manner. Below are some you may encounter:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle subtly shifting to the sides
  • An uncentered wheel, even when driving straight
  • Noises from the road become loader
  • You often feel vibrations from the car’s chassis
  • The vibrations get more intense when you increase the speed
  • The vehicle uses more fuel than usual

In addition, you should check your tire balance after being in an accident, even a small one like hitting a curb. You should immediately take your vehicle to an auto mechanic if an accident has damaged the car’s chassis or wheel assemblies.

How to Find Out Which Tire Is Out of Balance?

Drivers often wonder how to tell which tire is out of balance. However, this question is important only if you decide to fix the tire yourself. If not, simply take your vehicle to the auto mechanic, who will fix the issue for you.

Once you identify the signs mentioned above, like unbalanced driving or an increase in fuel consumption, start checking individual tires to see which is causing the issue. The one with the most uneven tread wear is your culprit.

Are Unbalanced Tires a Serious Problem?

Unbalanced or misaligned tires can cause huge issues for drivers. For example, these tires experience more wear and tear, requiring frequent replacements.

In addition, they can quickly lead to other types of car damage. For example, they add more pressure to the engine, which can result in burning more fuel and increasing your carbon footprint.

However, the worst side effect of misaligned tires or unbalanced tires is that you don’t have complete control over your vehicle.

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