How to Set Up and Operate a Mid-Rise Scissor Car Lift Like a Pro

If you're looking for a convenient car lift for your garage or auto shop, you might want to consider a mid-rise scissor car lift. Mid-rise scissor lifts are versatile equipment for garages that have lower ceilings, detail shops, and service bays.

In this blog post, we'll tell you why a mid-rise car lift is essential for many automotive tasks. We'll describe what kinds of jobs you can perform with it and how to set it up and operate it safely and efficiently.

Why is a mid-rise car lift essential for an auto shop?

Mid Rise Scissor Car Lifts

A mid-rise car lift is a type of scissor lift that can raise a vehicle up to about 48 inches off the ground. This gives you enough clearance to access the wheels, brakes, suspension, exhaust, and other parts of the undercarriage.

Unlike a full-rise car lift, which requires more space and installation, a mid-rise car lift is portable and easy to store. You can move it around your garage or shop with casters and fold it flat when not in use.

This lift is also more affordable than a full-rise car lift, making it a great option for hobbyists and professionals alike.

What kinds of jobs can you perform with a mid-rise car lift?

A mid-rise car lift can help you perform a variety of jobs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible with a floor jack or jack stands.

Here are some examples:

Tire rotation and replacement

Mid-rise car lifts allow you to lift all four wheels off the ground at once, making it easy to rotate or replace your tires. You can also check the tire pressure, alignment, and balance with a mid-rise car lift.

Brake service

It gives you access to the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and lines. You will inspect, clean, and replace these components without crawling under the car or removing the wheels.

Suspension work

This lift lets you work on the shocks, struts, springs, bushings, and other suspension parts. You can adjust the ride height, camber, caster, and toe with a mid-rise car lift.

Exhaust system repair

A mid-rise car lift enables you to inspect and repair the muffler, catalytic converter, pipes, and hangers of the exhaust system. You can also install a new exhaust system or change the existing one with a mid-rise car lift.

Oil change and fluid service

With a mid-rise car lift, it will be easy to drain and refill the oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and other fluids in your vehicle. You can also change the oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs with a mid-rise car lift.

How to set up and operate a mid-rise car lift

  • Setting up and operating a mid-rise car lift is not complicated, but it does require some caution and attention. Here are the basic steps:
  • Choose a level and solid surface to place the car lift. Make sure there is enough space around the lift for the vehicle and your tools.
  • Connect the power unit to an electrical outlet, and attach the hydraulic hoses to the cylinders on the lift.
  • Position the vehicle over the lift pads. Make sure the center of gravity of the vehicle is aligned with the center of the lift. Prevent the vehicle from rolling by using wheel chocks.
  • Press the up button on the power unit to raise the vehicle. Watch for any signs of instability or interference. Stop when the vehicle reaches the desired height.
  • Lock the safety bars on both sides of the lift. Do not rely on the hydraulic pressure alone to hold the vehicle.
  • Perform your work on the vehicle. Use jack stands or axle stands if you need to support any part of the vehicle that is not on the lift pads.
  • When you're done, lower the safety bars and press the down button on the power unit to lower the vehicle. Remove the wheel chocks and drive the vehicle off the lift.
  • Disconnect the power unit and hydraulic hoses. Fold the lift flat and store it in a dry and secure place.

Final thoughts

A mid-rise scissor car lift is a handy tool that can make your automotive work easier and faster. Follow these tips to use it properly. If you're interested in getting a mid-rise car lift for your garage or shop, check out our website for some great deals and offers.

We have different models and sizes of mid-rise car lifts to suit your needs and budget. Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your automotive equipment with a high-quality mid-rise car lift. Order yours today!