Equipping Your Auto Repair Shop for Tire Replacement Services: Wheel Balancers and Tire Changers

Starting an auto repair shop requires a significant investment in equipment and supplies, such as wheel balancers and tire charges. One crucial aspect of running an auto repair shop is offering tire replacement services, which requires having the right equipment on hand and available.

That’s why we came up with this guide about the two main pieces of equipment you need, to offer tire replacement services: wheel balancers and tire changers.

What Are the Best Wheel Balancers for My Automotive Repair Shop?

When it comes to replacing tires, it's essential to have wheel balancer equipment that can accommodate the tire sizes you service. Some specific models are designed to work with automotive, semi-truck, ATV, and motorcycle tires, so it's important to check the specifications of the models you're considering to make sure you're getting the right ones for your business. If you plan on working on a variety of vehicles, you may need multiple wheel balancers.

The Best Wheel Balancers Brands and Equipment for Your Auto Repair Shop in 2023

Ranger Wheel Balancer

Every tire shop and garage should invest in a perfect wheel balancer machine for any tire diameter. The best wheel balancers are none other than those from Ranger.

Ranger has been developing its balance technologies for almost a decade, and their efforts seem to have paid off.Ranger wheel balancers are highly accurate and reliable. With the 100% proven direct axis drive system, you accurately ensure the balance of any vehicle's wheels of any diameter, whether a small car or heavy-duty or light truck tires.

At JMC Automotive Equipment, we offer a wide selection of Ranger wheel balancers from which you can select the one that best fits your shop or garage and customer needs.

Corghi Wheel Balancer

Whether you’re the owner and operator of an automotive shop or operate a repair bay owned by a successful dealership, you no doubt often receive a high volume of vehicles whose owners come for wheel repair and balancing services. But the question is, do you have the best wheel balancer for tire changers to use?

In the last 50 years, Corghi has been the leading manufacturer of various Corghi wheel balancers. Every professional auto repair shop can confidently invest in aCorghi wheel balancer.

We offer you the Corghi tools you need to ideally maximize productivity, allowing you to give your customers the best customer experience. Prepare yourself adequately for the different tires your customers will bring for balancing, and explore our wide selection of Corghi wheel balancers.

Discover the JMC top wheel balancer brands for shops and garages here.

What Are the Best Tire Changers for My Automotive Repair Shop?

The other major piece of automotive equipment you need is a tire charger for replacement services. Tire changers come with different features and options to accommodate a wide range of tire sizes. It's important to select models based on the types and sizes of tires you sell, as well as models designed to work with the various rims on the market today.

In conclusion, having the right equipment on hand is crucial to offering tire replacement services in an auto repair shop. Make sure to invest in quality wheel balancers and tire changers that are designed to work with the tire sizes and types you'll be servicing, and be prepared to make multiple purchases if necessary. You can offer efficient and effective tire replacement services to your customers with the right equipment.

Discover the JMC top Tire Changer brands for shops and garages here.

The Best Tire Changers Brands and Equipment for Your Auto Repair Shop in 2023

Corghi 120 Semi-automatic Swinging Arm Tire Changer

The swing arm moves horizontally left or right to allow the positioning of the duck head close to or away from the rim, depending on what step of the servicing procedure is needed. The vertical slide moves up or down to position the duck head at the correct height for rims of varying widths. To keep the vertical slide in place, use a strap to keep it in the proper position around the wheel rim.

  • Tubeless inflating system built-in
  • The tool holder shaft's spring balance is adjusted.
  • Simultaneous tool positioning and locking by simple lever action
  • Double-acting bead breaker cylinder
  • "Square" self-centering chuck with 1-speed rotation in both directions
  • vertical column incorporating an air tank

Hofmann Monty 1520 EMX Motorcycle / ATV Tire Changer W

The Hofmann Monty 1520m and 1520emx are designed to change all types of motorcycle and ATV tires, including tires on difficult Harley Davidson belt drive wheels. The clamping jaws are designed to eliminate additional labor involved in removing the brake disc, sprocket, or drive pulley when servicing a wheel. Both tire changers are equipped with standard clamping jaws. Both allow for changing automotive and light truck tires as well.


  • Dual Wheel Clamping Cylinders
  • Dual pneumatic clamping cylinders control all four clamping jaws, eliminating damage to wheels due to slippage.
  • four-jaw clamping chuck
  • Self-centering clamping jaws powered by two pneumatic cylinders
  • strong bead breaker
  • 5,954 lbs. of power at the bead shovel and a range of 12" wide, the Monty 1520m and 1520emx provide quick and safe loosening of even tough ATV tire beads!
  • Innovative Design

JMC Equipment has everything you need, whether you're looking for an all-purpose tire changer for your shop or air polishers. Furthermore, with our coupons and assisted financing options for our valued customers. Your purchase will be quick and easy!

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