BendPak XPR Series Product Guide

Bendpak XPR Series Two Post Lift

BendPak has the lift solution for every automotive service need. The XPR series car lifts provide the lifting power, options, and reliability that provide a safe work environment and make service technicians more productive.

Engineered and built for long life, low maintenance, and flexibility, purchasing an XPR series lift just may be the last lift you will ever need to buy. This series is a reflection of our commitment to provide the highest-quality, most reliable, and safest car lifts in the industry.

XPR Models

XPR lifts are offered in multiple weight capacities to handle every service requirement:

  • 9,000 lb. capacity floor plate models
  • 10,000 lb. capacity available in both clear floor and asymmetric clear floor designs
  • 12,000 lb. capacity offered in both floor plate and clear floor models
  • 15,000 lb. capacity clear floor
  • 18,000 lb. capacity clear floor

Some models are available with our exclusive Low-Pro arms to handle lowered sports cars or vehicles with lift points on the extreme outer edges of the chassis.

Features to Suit Every Lifting Requirement

Every XPR car lift is constructed with uncompromised quality and low-maintenance components, and incorporates the latest technology. Tailor the XPR lift with the specific capacity, features, and options that suit your service needs.

Construction Options

  • Floor Plate – where lower ceilings or overhead clearance is a consideration
  • Clear Floor – for unobstructed movement beneath vehicles
  • Asymmetric Clear Floor – provides the extra clearance for opening vehicle doors while on the lift

Bendpak XPR Car Lifts

Most models are available in medium, heavy, and super-duty capacity to match every servicing need.

XPR Features

Depending on the model you choose, there are a wide range of options available:

  • Low-Pro arms for those lowered sports cars or other special lifting clearance requirements
  • Flexibility in arm positioning with triple-telescoping front arms and multi-stage rear arms
  • Rapid ascent and descent that increases productivity
  • Direct-drive hydraulics that improve performance over chain or screw mechanisms
  • Single-piece columns for added strength and durability
  • Durable powder-coat finish for long life and resistance to harsh environments and chemicals
  • Maintenance-free high-tech load bearings for reduced maintenance, long life, and reliability
  • Heights from 113” to 193”
  • Widths from 132” to 155”
  • Rise capacity from 69” to 75”
  • Included truck and van adapters that others provide at extra cost
  • Optional column extensions for increased overhead clearance when you need it
  • Safety features including single-point safety release and auto shutoff

Detailed instructions for installation and maintenance are included with every XPR lift as well as safety and maintenance decals, lifting point guide, and a comprehensive safety instruction placard.

XPR Models

Available XPR models include:

 Car Lift Model Capacity Height Width Rise Type*
9,000-lbs. 113" 132" - 145" 69" FP
XPR-9S-LP LOW-PRO ARMS  9,000-lbs 113" 132" - 145"  69"  FP
9,000-lbs. 145" 132" - 145" 69" FP
10,000-lbs. 145" 132" - 145" 69" CF
XPR-10S-LP LOW-PRO ARMS  10,000-lbs.  145"  132" - 145"  69"  CF
10,000-lbs. 169" 132" - 145" 69" CF
10,000-lbs. 145" 137" - 145" 69" ACF
10,000-lbs. 151" 132" - 145" 75" ACF
XPR-10AS-LP LOW-PRO ARMS  10,000-lbs.  145"   137" - 145" 69" ACF  
10,000-lbs. 169" 137" - 145" 69" ACF
12,000-lbs. 144" 155" 69" FP
12,000-lbs. 170" 155" 69" CF
12,000-lbs. 193" 155" 69" CF
15,000-lbs. 170" 155" 69" CF
15,000-lbs. 193" 155" 69" CF
18,000-lbs. 170" 155" 69" CF
18,000-lbs. 193" 155" 69" CF

*Two-post lift type: FP - Floor Plate, CF - Clear Floor, ACF - Asymmetric Clear Floor

Bendpak XPR Series Line

BendPak Reliability is Built In

One of the most important features of BendPak car lifts is our experience and reputation for quality and unsurpassed durability. Our advanced engineering and use of state-of-the-art technology combine to give you the high performance and low maintenance lifts that increase productivity and reduce cost of ownership.

XPR series car lifts are designed to last a lifetime – or longer. Each lift is built to standards of safety that exceed OSHA/ALI/ETL requirements, to ensure a safe working environment for automotive technicians. Whether you are a serious hobbyist or automotive service provider, there is a BendPak XPR lift that will satisfy every requirement.

BendPak XPR Series car lifts offer the complete range of capacity, construction, and features that will suit the demanding performance requirements of every automotive service business. Contact BendPak representatives for additional information on XPR car lifts and features. We’re here to support you, just as our customers have always supported us.