Auto Repair Shop Marketing How to Attract More Women to Shop

Creating a female-friendly atmosphere is one of the most important changes repair shop owners need to make if they want a competitive shop. Statistics show that over 51% of license holders in the United States are women and targeting the women in your town to visit your shop will result in rapid growth and recognition.

How do you make your shop into one with a female-friendly atmosphere? It really isn’t that hard, you just have to fix up your shop a little, train your staff right and last but not least, have your current female customers evaluate your overall service. Allow us to dig deeper.

A Repair Shop’s Setup is more Important than you think

A former teacher of mine once said something, that, although, not 100% accurate, seems to be the general consensus when identifying the difference between sexes. She said, “women tend to be more analytical and tend to pay closer attention to details while men are more practical.” It stirred up some controversy back then and while I won’t go into depth, I will say this, women will remember a dirty shop, musty front desk/reception while men will just see it as the way a shop is “supposed to look like”.

A clean shop with a new coat of paint and a fresh smell might sound too basic but it’s a courtesy that both sexes will appreciate. Keep your reception and waiting area well-groomed, bathrooms clean, add plants, pottery and hire someone to decorate a little bit. Not only will you bring in more customers this way but you’ll create a warm ambiance your current customers will think highly of.

Train your Staff to Handle Female Customers

Female repair shop customers tend to get annoyed when it’s time to bring their car in for maintenance just because most feel they don’t know enough about cars to not get ripped off when they get billed. As much as inconsiderate technicians feel this isn’t their problem, you need to teach your staff to be patient with not-so-repair-savvy customers.

Train your Staff to Handle Female Customers

It is your job as their technician to walk customers through what their vehicle needs, and be specific as to what’s going on. Not only will they appreciate you taking the time to explain but they’ll also learn a thing or two and next time they’ll understand what is wrong or why it needs maintenance. Time is an issue but to the customers that are willing to learn it’s worth taking 10 minutes out of your day to educate a confused customer.

Have Current Female Customers Evaluate your Services

According to ASE president Ronald H. Weiner, 65% of people bringing their vehicles in for maintenance are women and that number is only expected to grow, he says. Not only is this the perfect time to start looking to attract more female customers but it’s a better time to have your current ones evaluate your services.

Have Current Female Customers Evaluate your Services

Offer coupons to female customers that rate your shop in the different categories: customer service, cleanliness, knowledge, helpfulness, reliability and don’t be afraid to ask them to be open as to how comfortable your staff made them feel or how you may improve.These tips might not be new to you but you’ll be surprised at how many shops fail to look for better ways to improve and stick to their comfort zones. Start implementing changes if you wish to bring a new wave of female customers looking for that shop where all of their questions will be answered and where automotive repair won’t be a burden but a learning opportunity. 

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