Baileigh 1/2" Squaretube Die Set 3" Clr(Ds-0500S-R300)

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Baileigh 1/2" SQUARETUBE DIE SET 3" CLR(DS-0500S-R300)

1/2" Square tube die set with a 3 Inch Center line Radius. Fits on all Baileigh Industrial rotary draw benders that accept drop on tooling (Not RDB-050). Center line radius is based on .035" wall thickness.


Item Number DS-0500S-R300
Shipping Weight 20 LBS
Special Notes Tooling is non-refundable, please call if you have questions about your application. 920-684-4990
Material OD .5" x .5"
Recommended Min. Wall Thickness .035"
Center Line Radius 3"

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