Cemb SM825EVO Tire Changer


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Cemb SM825EVO Tire Changer

*Press Arm Not included with this one

A traditional swing arm tire changer can come with an optional Press Arm (SM825EVOPA) is a great place to start for general service of the majority of OEM fitments and many custom tires and wheels. These durable machines are equipped with basic features, intended for mid-volume use


  • Mounting Head
  • Table Top Clamping
  • High Performance Press Arm (Optional as SM825EVOPA)
  • Two Stage Inflation
  • Bead Breaker Shovel
  • Air Powered Optional
  • A high-performing press arm system to handle stiff side wall tires and custom wheels
  • Features dual table clamping cylinders with value-added specifications for protection of alloy wheels and outside clamping from 13″-24″ wheels.
  • Dual-stage inflation system with safety limiter and bead sealing inflation jets built into the clamping jaws.
  • Custom mount/demount head features replaceable plastic inserts to protect wheels
  • Powerful, multi-angle adjustable bad breaker shovel loosens the most difficult tires and wheels.
  • Requires compressed air and 100V. Air-powered motor is also available.


 Power Supply  110V, 1ph
 Air Pressure  145 psi (10 bar)
 Rim Diameter (Ext.)  12” - 24”
 Tire Diameter  44” (1118 mm)
 Max. Wheel Width  15” (380 mm)
 Turn Table Speed  8-15 rpm
 Shipping Weight  630 lbs (286 Kg)




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