Corghi Monster AGTT Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer


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Corghi Monster AGTT Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer

Together with the best of cutting edge technologies, Monster AG TT also integrates all the features that make it a fundamental and irreplaceable tool for the working quality and safety of industrial tire operators.

Outstanding advantages in 5 strongholds:

  1. Significant reduction in strain

Monster AG TT is a super automatic and revolutionary tire changer. It is the only one in the world to fit the “ Leva la Leva” device. It significantly reduces strain and risks for specialized professionals in changing all types of tires on trucks, buses, farming and earth movement machines. Equipped with automatic and self-centering wheel clamping device (without using extensions), Monster AGTT offers an electronic system to save the diameters of the rims and the position of the wheel and the “Side To Side” device that enables the tools to move automatically from one side of the tire to the other.

2.High protection of rims and tires

The whole tool block is operated hydraulically. It comprises the “Leva la Leva”device, which performs tire changing in a completely automated manner and a special bead loosening disc which, based on the hydraulic movement, reaches the perfect inclination in each phase of the process. A fundamental feature of the system is that the arm that operates the tool block makes a coordinated movement with the turntable and always keeps the wheel and the tools perfectly tangent in all situations. This reduces tension and avoids contact, consequently totally safeguarding the integrity of the rims and tires.

3 · High performance

Monster AG TT is designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum versatility and efficiency for the operator. The single position of the tool block on the carriage makes tire changing jobs easier and quicker. The new play recovery pads eliminate play due to wear; the memory function used to save the position of the tools speeds-up positioning during tire changing. The synchronized movement between tool chuck and carriage, the electro-hydraulic control unit with display, which can be adjusted at pleasure by the user, and the possibility to automatically position the finger and the disc tangent with the rim, make Monster AG TT unmatchable and one of a kind.

4 · Maximum safety

Not only is Monster AG TT designed to reduce strain, but also to guarantee maximum operator integrity and safety. The design of the tire changer is devised to eliminate the need for a base, which consequently eliminates any unbalanced situations, which are certainly dangerous when loading large and heavy wheels. This solution allows the operator to work in complete safety with the wheel raised off the ground by just a few centimeters. What’s more, the new controller with very handy controls allows the operator to command all movements without touching the tool block.

5 · Absolutely universal application

The universality of Monster AG TT is guaranteed by the new self-centering locking turntable made up of tilting jaws with 9 direct lockable positions, from 14” to 48” and with tilt up to 58”. The system is pre-arranged to lock rims with minimum center hole diameter of 90 mm . The turntable is equipped with a drive inverter that automatically enables the output of the optimal speed for each job, including tire groove forming.

Thanks to Monster AG TT, the profession of tire specialists now changes substantially, guaranteeing technicians and their customers an additionally efficient, rapid and top quality service.

Corghi’s research and experience for an unmatchable product

Corghi Monster AGTT Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer

Corghi S. T. S. Device

The S. T. S. device (Side To Side) enables the automatic switching of the tool block from one side of the tire to the other.

Corghi STS Device

Corghi Monster AGTT Controllers

The new controller enables efficient operation of the tire changer without the operator touching the tools.

Corghi MonsterAGTT Controllers

Technical Specifications

Tool arm  
Changing type      Leva la Leva
Tool-rim tangency type       YES
Automatic “S.T.S” wheel turnover movement       YES
Bead loosening disc       with “patented” hydraulic movement
Axial travel      44,1” (1120 mm)
Displacement axial speed       3,9”/s (100 mm/s)
Operating axial speed       1,6”/s (40 mm/s)
Maximum internal axial bead loosening force       6750 lb (30000 N)
Maximum external axial bead loosening force       5625 lb (25.000 N)
Rotation       Hydraulic
Locking       Hydraulic
Tool arm lift       Hydraulic
Chuck holding carriage  
Hydraulic axial travel       26,4” (670 mm)
Operating axial speed       2,8”/s (70 mm/s)
Locking system       Hydraulic turntable
Rotation motor       Drive inverter
Rotation speed       3 speed 1 – 3,5 – 7,8 RPM
Maximum rotation torque       4059 ft/lbs (5500 Nm)
Locking unit       4 tilted jaws (patented)
Locking capacity       from 14” to 58”
Locking positions      9
Maximum locking force       9000 lb (40000 N)
Maximum hydraulic pressure       2610 PSI (180 bar)
Maximum tire diameter       98,4” (2500 mm)
Maximum tire width       63” (1600 mm)
Maximum wheel weight       3747,8 lbs (1700 kg)
Minimum wheel centre hole Ø       3,5” (90 mm)
Minimum working height to chuck shaft       17,7” (450 mm)
Wheel loading area       floor level
Hydraulic control unit – electrical equipment  
Stand-by function       YES
Display for setting wheel size in inches       YES
Operation       Electrical
Motor       3,3 - 4 kW
Adjustable hydraulic pressure       from 1160 to 2610 PSI
Oil tank       4 gallons (15 l)
Power supply        Electrical 3ph 230/400 V - 5 kW
Operating noise level       63 dB (A)
Transmission of commands       via radio
Emergency button       YES
Voltage       24 V
Weight       17,6 lbs (8 kg)
Length       94,5” (2400 mm)
Width       86,6” (2200 mm)
Maximum height       70,9” (1800 mm)
Weight       2866 lbs (1300 kg)




CORGHI USA Limited Warranty

General Terms

Corghi USA expressly warrants its products will be free from defects in material and/or workmanship for the time period specified. Corghi USA must be informed in writing within 7 days after discovery of a defect. Corghi USA reserves the right to repair or replace a product at our discretion. Co nsumable products and accessories such as but not limited to; plastic protection parts, bead breaker pads, inflation hoses, and rollers, are not covered under this warranty.
This warranty does not cover any damage resulting from abuse or failure to perform any necessary maintenance (i.e. damage due to or resulting from, faulty installation, neglect, misuse, improper electrical connections or electrical surges, problems resulting from excessive water, contaminated air system, or pollutant of any nature, fire or freight damage).

Corghi machines are warranted to be free of defects as follows:
Tire Changers:

A2030, A2024TI, 2024TI LL, A9824TI, A9824 LLTI, A9830, A9222TI, Service Pro 124, Service Pro 324 - 2 year parts and 1 year labor. Transmission – 10 year part only (5 year part only on 9220TI).
AM50, AM500, AM5000, AM26, Master J, Master Code, Master28 – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.
HD700, AG52L, HD1200, Monster TT – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.
NOTE: Rubber Pads, air lines, gauges, mount/demount heads, and swabs - 90 day warranty

Tire Balancers:

PL60, Service Pro 750, EM9250, EM9280, EM9580, EM9550, EM9980C, Eyelight – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.
ET66, ET88 – 2 year parts and 1 year labor.

Alignment Machines/Specialty Equipment:

2 year parts and 1 year labor.

Disclaimer & Limitation on Liability.

Corghi USA agreement to repair a tire changer or balancer is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, express, implies or statutory, including any warranties for merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Corghi USA maximum liability shall be limited to the cost of the machine. In no event shall Corghi USA be responsible for owner’s lost profits, goodwill or other incidental or consequential damages. Corghi USA is not responsible for equipment or accessories damages in shipment. Freight claims are to be made directly with the carrier. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions regarding filing claims.

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